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Is 5086 Aluminum Sheet Prices High


In fact, as a 5-series Al-Mg alloy, the 5086 aluminum sheet prices is not much higher than that of 1-series ordinary alloy, and it has recognized better performance than other series. Here, Mingtai 5086 aluminum sheet prices overall are 30% lower than competitors!

Is 5086 Aluminum Sheet Prices High?

5086 aluminum sheet as Marine aluminum, has a huge demand in the global shipbuilding market. In addition, as an oxidizing material and aluminum tread plate, it also has great potential. So, is the 5086 aluminum sheet prices with high practical value and high performance of 5 series alloy very high ? Here, Mingtai aluminum sheet manufacturer answers for you. In fact, the price of the 5-series Al-Mg alloy is not much higher than that of the 1-series ordinary alloy, and it has recognized better performance than the 1/3/6 series. Therefore, for 5086 aluminum sheet prices, there is a high cost performance!

Specific 5086 Aluminum Sheet Prices

As mentioned above, the price of 5-series Al-Mg alloy is not much higher than that of 1-series ordinary alloy, so what is the specific 5086 aluminum sheet prices? Without further comment, let us truly master the 5086 aluminum sheet price!

Generally speaking, the price of aluminum plate is composed of two parts, that is, the price of production raw material aluminum ingot and processing fee. For raw material aluminum ore resources, the output of each country is not the same. In China, there are 3.7 billion bauxite resources, so China 5086 aluminum sheet price in the international aluminum market has an advantage. On the other hand, for processing costs need to subdivide a variety of factors.

Specifically, the processing fee in 5086 aluminum sheet prices is related to the nature, scale, equipment input, material resources and manpower of different aluminum sheet manufacturers. Secondly, different specifications, namely temper, thickness, width and length different, the price is also different. For example, the 5086 marine grade aluminum with same O temper, but the price of 3mm thick and 20mm thick is different, and the price of 1220mm wide and 2200mm wide is also different. Therefore, 5086 aluminum sheet prices is not a fixed value. Here, Mingtai Al. provides fast and free quotation service for global users. Just click online customer service on the right, or send us an email! According to the temper, size and amount you need, Mingtai Al. will provide a satisfactory purchase plan and quotation to you ! Come on!

Mingtai Extremely Competitive 5086 Aluminum Sheet Prices !

Most notably, Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co.,Ltd is a large aluminum sheet manufacturer, with 3 manufacturing plants covering an area of 130 square meters. Here, due to its proximity to bauxite producing areas, and its advantages of self-built power plants, scale and automation. Mingtai 5086 aluminum sheet prices are 30% lower than competitors ! In addition, with its strong production strength, Mingtai 5086 marine grade aluminum and other products were the first to obtain the certification of DNV/CCS/ABS/BV/LR international classification society, with guaranteed quality! So, If you are interested in our products, don’t hesitate to contact us! Mingtai is looking forward to your consultation and arrival !

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