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Large aluminum plate


Introduction of large aluminum plate

Many customers will ask us, what is the standard width of the aluminum plate? Through the accumulation of customer consulting products, several commonly used widths are obtained. The standard width is artificially used in the industry, which are 1000, 1200, and 1220mm. How is large aluminum plate defined? An aluminum plate with a width of more than 1500mm is usually defined as a large aluminum plate. The width and length of this aluminum plate are relatively large. The thickness of large aluminum plate is generally above 1mm. Customers often use 5052 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate in the project. The prospect of large aluminum plate is very good. Precision machinery, marine grade material, and transportation industry are all suitable application areas for it.

Large aluminum plate

Production of large aluminum plate

Are there many manufacturers that can produce large aluminum plates in the market? This is not the case. The production of large aluminum plate relies on advanced equipment, a six-roll cold rolling mill, which can produce aluminum plate products with a width of 2600mm.

Six-high cold rolling mill equipment has strong advantages, with automation and high degree of information technology. The coil waste, coil transportation, coil storage, coil cooling, and coil transportation are automated during the material transportation process; rolling During the process, coil threading, rolling mill reduction control, coil thickness measurement, and coil winding are automated. Achieving automation is to realize the improvement of production efficiency, so as to fully realize the streamlining of personnel and the efficiency of workshop management. The standardization of three production personnel (including the shift leader operator, the rolling mill deputy operator, and the preparation station operator) is a breakthrough. The existing staff structure and production staffing of Mingtai have implemented Mingtai's production requirements of high-quality future personnel, high-tech equipment in the future, and maximum profit in the future.

large aluminum plate Vietnam

Large aluminum plate price

Regarding the price of large aluminum plate, since it is a large aluminum plate, the price is naturally higher than that of conventional aluminum plate. In fact, the key point of buying a product is not the price. The key is the ratio of product performance to price, which is what we call cost-effective. A cost-effective product is a product of high quality and low price. Products with low prices and unstable product performance cannot be said to be good products. Therefore, if you want to buy preferential products, you need to seek high cost performance.

large aluminum plate Mexico

Henan Mingtai large aluminum plate

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Companys hot-selling ultra-wide aluminum plates include 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plates, 6061t6 ultra-wide aluminum plates, 5083 ultra-wide aluminum plates, 1060 ultra-wide aluminum plates, 3003/3004/3104 ultra-wide aluminum plates, which are widely used in ultra-wide marine applications. Aluminium checker plate, aluminum plates for new energy vehicles, tank car materials, aluminum plates for C82 coal-transporting gondola cars, aluminum for LNG storage tanks, wide curtain wall aluminum plates, etc., to accept orders of 8-5000 tons, welcome to inquire.

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