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Marine grade aluminum sheet


Marine grade aluminum sheet

The use of marine grade aluminum sheet for shipbuilding can not only save resources and energy, protect the environment, and obtain huge social benefits, but also bring considerable economic benefits. Due to the particularity of the ships construction and working environment, there are some requirements for the ships materials. The basic requirement is to have good corrosion resistance. In addition, under comprehensive consideration, there are some requirements, including weldability, plasticity and certain Its tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact resistance and other properties.

marine grade aluminum sheet

Alloy marine grade aluminum sheet

Alloy marine grade aluminum sheet commonly used on ships

4'x8' aluminum sheet is a commonly used size.

Industrial pure aluminum, 1050, 1060, etc.

Al-Mg series and Al-Mg-Si series alloys are most used and have the best results. 5052, 5053H116, 5083H321, 5A06 aluminum plates, etc. For example, a ship uses 5A05 alloy plates with a thickness of 5/6/8 mm, and 5A06 alloy plates with a thickness of 10 and 14 mm. 5A06 alloy round flat aluminum, some aluminum alloy castings. The superstructure is installed on the steel deck with 5A05 alloy rivets, and measures to prevent contact corrosion have been taken.

The ships superstructure uses about 100 tons of aluminum, which is 50% lighter than steel. The total weight of the ship is reduced by 12%, and the center of gravity is increased by 15 cm, which significantly improves the stability of the ship.

Al-Zn-Mg series alloys have also attracted increasing interest.

marine grade aluminum sheets for sale

Uses of marine grade aluminum sheet

1) Aluminum alloy for hull structure. The superstructures and superstructures of various types of ships (masts, chimneys, gun mounts, hoisting devices, etc.) are increasingly inclined to use aluminum alloy materials. The most used and ideal aluminum material in superstructures is large and wide. Squeeze the siding.

2) Aluminum alloy for outfitting.

marine grade aluminum sheet metal

Advantages of marine grade aluminum sheet

The weight reduction effect, energy saving effect and environmental protection effect are all obvious advantages of aluminum. Other advantages, such as helping to improve the balance, comfort and safety of transportation vehicles. Aluminum alloy material is the most ideal key material to realize lightweight, modern and high-speed transportation in the transportation industry.

It is not only the advantages in the application of marine aluminum sheets, but also the same advantages in transportation. The application range and proportion of aluminum alloy materials on rail vehicles, automobiles, armored vehicles, combat vehicles, tanks, ships, ships, and containers are increasing day by day, and a large number of all-aluminized modern transportation vehicles have emerged. The transportation industry has become the largest application industry for aluminum. The rapid development and wide application of aluminum are being used in some transportation industries, replacing steel as a basic material.

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