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Marine grade aluminum sheet price


Marine grade aluminum sheet price

If your next project requires marine grade aluminum sheet, you must be more concerned about the marine grade aluminum sheet price. In fact, the marine grade aluminum sheet price is related to many factors, so it is not a fixed number. It is a changing number. Factors that are easier to understand include alloy, thickness, width, length, and aluminum ingot price. In particular, the price of aluminum ingots is not only unstable, but also the easiest to know. The daily price of aluminum ingots can be found on the Internet. Here, we want to tell you something about the marine grade aluminum sheet price.

Marine grade aluminum sheet price

Marine grade aluminum sheet price of different alloys

Before knowing the marine grade aluminum sheet price, we need to choose the right alloy first, then we need to know how to choose the alloy of the alloy. The selection principle of marine grade aluminum sheet is relatively strict. At present, the most used alloys include aluminum alloy products such as 5083, 5086, 5052, 5754, and 6061.

Principle 1: Strength. High-strength alloys are not suitable here. Because high-strength aluminum alloys are often difficult to have both excellent corrosion resistance and weldability. Marine grade aluminum sheets generally require medium-strength alloys.

Principle 2: Good solderability. It means that the tendency to form cracks in the welding process is small, that is, it should have good resistance to welding cracks.

Principle 3: The environment of the ship structure must be harsh sea water medium and marine environment. Therefore, corrosion resistance must be possessed.

Principle 4: The processing of ships may be cold processing or hot processing. Marine grade aluminum sheet must be easy to form.

what is marine grade aluminum

Marine grade aluminum sheet price for different purposes

Category 1: Stressed structural parts requiring strength. Such as hull, large ship deck, bridge and so on.

Category 2: Parts that are not subject to force or less stress. Such as fuel tanks, water tanks, water storage tanks, various doors and windows, various hatch covers, various elevators and springboards, seats and driving seats and sofas. There are also ducts, ventilation panels, wind deflectors, brackets, streamlined covers and handles. They are mostly made of aluminum sheets, usually 6063, 6082 and 3003 aluminum sheet.

Category 3: Functional components. Warehouse interior decoration, heat and sound insulation materials, they are usually anodized on the basis of marine grade aluminum sheet. Glass fiber and wood are used too much, and now they have been gradually replaced by aluminum materials.

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Henan Mingtai marine grade aluminum sheet price

As an aluminum sheet manufacturer with 24 years of production experience, our marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturing process has already wanted to be mature. Moreover, due to the factory direct sales model, our prices are extremely competitive. You only need to provide some requirements of the marine grade aluminum sheet you need, and you can get a quotation. Such as alloy (or use), temper, thickness, width, length, dosage, we will calculate the quotation as soon as possible and inform you.

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