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Metal aluminum sheet rolling process


About metal aluminum sheet rolling process

Hot rolling and cold rolling are two commonly used processes for manufacturing metal aluminum sheet. Although there is only one word difference, there are many differences. The aluminum sheet manufacturers provide some detailed explanations as follows.

What is a metal aluminum sheet? Its definition is mainly to have a specified range of its thickness, width and length: the thickness is above 0.2mm to below 500mm, the width is above 200mm, and the length is within 16m. This type of aluminum material can be called metal aluminum sheet.

Metal aluminum sheet

Definition of hot rolled and cold rolled metal aluminum sheet

Metal aluminum sheet, from a metal point of view, rolling below the crystallization temperature is cold rolling. The slab (mainly continuous casting billet) is used as the raw material, and after heating, the fine rolling mill and the finishing mill are used to make strip steel, which is hot rolling.

Cold rolling is processed from hot-rolled sheets under normal temperature tempering. Although the aluminum sheet will heat up due to rolling during the processing, it is still called cold rolling. In layman's terms, after a billet of aluminum is heated, it undergoes several passes of rolling, and then trimming to be corrected into an aluminum sheet. This type of billet is called hot rolling. Because it has not been annealed, its hardness is very high (hrb is greater than 90), and its mechanical processing performance is excellent, and it can only withstand simple and biased bending processing less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to the coiling deflection).

Metal aluminum sheet roll

The difference between hot rolled and cold rolled metal aluminum sheet

What is the difference between hot rolled metal aluminum sheet and cold rolled metal aluminum sheet? In fact, it is very simple to say. According to the literal meaning, one has been heat-treated and the other has not been heat-treated. The details are as follows:

First, the production process is different. Cold rolling is processed into a cast-rolled coil (8mm thickness) by a cast-rolling mill and processed by a cold-rolling mill. The hot rolling is made of 400-500mm thick aluminum ingots rolled at high temperatures;

Second, the supply of raw materials is different. The difference between the two is also related to the supply of blanks. The process of hot-rolled billet is casting aluminum ingot-heating-rolling into coil for cold rolling, and the process of cold-rolling billet is cast-rolled coil-cold rolling;

Third, the performance is different. The surface quality of the hot-rolled aluminum sheet is good, at the same time, the mechanical properties and ductility are strong, and the oxidation effect is good. And the processed aluminum wafer is generally processed from aluminum sheet, and it is naturally affected by the performance of the aluminum sheet;

Fourth, the uses are different. Cold-rolled aluminum sheets are mostly used in civilian industries such as food, construction, and automobiles, and hot-rolled aluminum sheets are used in fields that require stamping and stretching characteristics.

Fifth, aluminum plate cost: cold-rolled aluminum sheet has a simple process, and the price is cheaper than hot-rolled aluminum sheet.

Whether it is hot-rolled or cold-rolled (cast-rolled) metal aluminum sheet, it is within the processing capacity of Mingtai Aluminum. The width can reach 2650mm and the annual production capacity is 1 million tons. Affordable prices, free samples, welcome to consult.

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