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Mill finish aluminum sheet


What is mill finish aluminum sheet?

The mill finish aluminum sheet can also be called bare aluminum sheet. Refers to aluminum sheets that have not been reworked. It can be painted, anodized, embossed, etc. on its surface. The appearance of mill finish aluminum sheet has some visible gloss or mirror finish. There are many kinds of mill finish aluminum sheets that Mingtai Aluminum can produce. Common specifications include 1/8 aluminum sheet, 4'x8' aluminum sheet and so on. Our aluminum sheet is a custom size aluminum sheet, you only need to tell us the specifications, thickness and other parameters of the aluminum sheet you want, and we will arrange the production for you.

mill finish aluminum sheet

Mill finish aluminum sheet

The mill finish aluminum sheet is the natural appearance of aluminum produced in a rolling mill. Whenever a large piece of aluminum passes between the rollers under pressure, a thin plate is formed. As it moves between the rollers each time, in the direction of its movement, it will stretch to become longer. This rectangular aluminum product is 0.249 to 0.006 inches in length, and it is regarded as a mill finish aluminum sheet. There are many kinds of alloys in mill finish aluminum sheet, which can meet the needs of different projects.

What is mill finish aluminum sheet?

Mill finish aluminum sheet vs anodized

The mill finish aluminum sheet is the original state of the aluminum sheet without surface treatment. Anodizing (also called satin transparent or transparent anodizing) is an electrolytic process. This process improves corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The more excellent characteristics of anodized surface treatment are:

The coating will not peel off-the coating has actually been etched into the metal; it provides more and richer metal appearance; the smoothness is uniform, without abrasion marks or lines; it is not affected by sunlight (including ultraviolet rays); hard wear-resistant coating The layer can be used for a long time after use and cleaning.

Mill finish aluminum vs anodized

How do I clean my mill finish aluminum sheet?

If the mill finish aluminum sheet is used for a long time, it will be contaminated and even corroded by oil. Therefore, cleaning is very important.

The first step is scouring. Because this mill finish aluminum sheet has a smooth and smooth plane effect. Therefore, when oil stains or dust are covered, they can be washed first.

The second step is to wipe. After finishing scouring, we don't use detergent and other products on them, just wipe them with a moistened cloth. However, it should be noted that there must be rules when wiping, do not wipe out of order, otherwise it will cause the surface of the aluminum sheet to become blurred.

If it is more difficult to deal with stains, you can use a diluted cleaner. Here is a reminder that it is important to choose the right detergent. Otherwise it will cause damage to the product. Choose to use neutral detergent! Please do not choose strong alkaline detergents.

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