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Mingtai Al. Global Brand 3003 Aluminum Foil Factory


The use of 3003 aluminum foil covers the electronic field, the food packaging industry and the construction industry, is a potential aluminum foil market alloy products! Here, the Mingtai Al. global brand 3003 aluminum foil factory, with a 1.3 million square meter production base, offers you the most cost-effective 3003 aluminum foil price!

Aluminum Foil Factory Introduces 3003 Alloy Foil

3003 aluminum foil is a common alloy in the Al-Mn series. Excellent rust resistance, weldability, and corrosion resistance due to the addition of Mn alloy composition, which is 10% stronger than 1 series alloy aluminum foil. Here, Mingtai as China's large 3003 aluminum foil factory, the introduction of world-class Zhuoshen aluminum foil rolling mill, and uses the andreas mill, ensure to produce 3003 - H18 aluminum foil, 3003 - O aluminum foil, 3003 - H24 aluminum foil, other 3003 aluminum foil with excellent performance and quality, well used in electrolytic capacitor, manufacturing of lunch box and containers, and aluminum honeycomb core, widely popular with the international market!

Mingtai Al. Global Brand 3003 Aluminum Foil Factory

I believe that you have a good impression of 3003 aluminum foil, because the use of 3003 aluminum foil covers the electronic field, food packaging industry and construction industry, is a potential aluminum foil market alloy products! You see, Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil factory has received an order of 24 tons from customers in Nepal for the manufacturing of 0.035mm thickness aluminum foil container! Korean customers also purchased 3003-H18 aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors from us. Recently, another piece of good news came! The Indian customers also gave us orders for 18 tonnes of 50 micron 3003 aluminum foil made for aluminium honeycomb core! At present, the production workshop of Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil factory is busy in an orderly way, and our logistics fleet has been arriving at various ports one after another. The Mingtai Al. brand has expanded globally!

Quotation from Mingtai 3003 Aluminum Foil Factory

Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil factory is a large-scale modern China aluminum foil manufacturer that integrates scientific research, processing and manufacturing. Mingtai Al.has 3 production bases of 1.3 million square meters, adjacent to the bauxite producing area and its own power plant, realizing large-scale production. Therefore, quotation from Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil factory is lower than 30% of counterparts! In addition, 3003 aluminum foil price is Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil factory according to the Yangtze spot A00 aluminum ingots shipped on the day of the average price and processing fee unified pricing, manufacturers direct, no middlemen earn price difference. Here, Mingtai Al. Provides you with fair and transparent fee details! So, don't hesitate to click the right online customer service, or send an email to us, tell us the size and amount of 3003 aluminum foil you need, we will provide you with the most satisfactory purchase price and program! Hurry up!

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