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Oversized aluminum sheet


Oversized aluminum sheet

Oversized aluminum sheet is a very common product in the current aluminum sheet market, and it is also one of the most demanded products in the market. It represents a type of aluminum sheet product, and there is no regulation on the thickness, but it is relatively wide. So whether it is 1/8 aluminum sheet or 3/16 aluminum sheet, it may become oversized aluminum sheet. Why is oversized aluminum sheet popular in the market? What is the market situation of oversized aluminum sheet? Now we conduct a detailed analysis and interpretation.

Oversized aluminum sheet

Introduction of oversized aluminum sheet

oversized aluminum sheet production equipment

In terms of production equipment, oversized aluminum sheet requires a relatively high rolling width, which cannot be met by general equipment. Especially aluminum sheet products with a width of more than 2000mm. From the perspective of manufacturers, there are higher requirements for the production capacity of manufacturing enterprises, and aluminum sheets need to meet a wide range and achieve stable performance. At present, only some large-scale manufacturers with strong strength can meet this production requirement.

Oversized aluminum sheet alloys

At present, the commonly used oversized aluminum sheet alloys on the market are mainly 5 series and 6 series, and the commonly used alloys are 5052-H112, 6061-T6, etc. The prospect of ultra-wide aluminum sheet is bright, and there is a lot of market space in some industries such as shipbuilding, auto parts, electronic equipment, and precision machinery. Henan Mingtai Aluminum introduced a 2800mm ultra-wide six-roll cold rolling mill from Germany, which is an important equipment for manufacturing oversized aluminum sheet. Mingtai Aluminum's production technology is already at a mature stage.

2200mm aluminum sheet

5083 oversized aluminum sheet

The extensive market demand for 5083 aluminum sheet is the basis for the popularity of 5083, so we have to analyze why 5083 aluminum sheet has so many applications. This is closely related to the characteristics of the 5083 aluminum sheet. Whether it is corrosion resistance, weldability, or cold workability, they are all excellent characteristics of 5083 aluminum sheet that are worth mentioning. The data of these parameters are very good. In addition, the strength of the 5083 aluminum sheet is medium. By the way, in 5083 aluminum sheet, magnesium plays an important role. The above-mentioned characteristics are the reasons why 5083 aluminum sheet is favored.

72 wide aluminum sheet

High quality oversized aluminum sheet

The application of oversized aluminum sheet is very extensive, not only in the fields of aerospace, molds, instrumentation, and construction, but also in power plants, chemical plants, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, etc., and they are all used in these occasions. Due to the excellent characteristics and wide range of uses of oversized aluminum sheet. Mingtai and other large domestic aluminum processing companies are also constantly conducting technological research and development. At the same time, processing companies have introduced advanced production equipment, installed new equipment, and continuously improved production processes. Therefore, the quality and performance of oversized aluminum sheet are constantly improving. For example, the 5 series and 6 series oversized aluminum sheet products produced by Mingtai Aluminum and other companies win with quality, and their performance is better than the market average.

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