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Pharmaceutical Foil Factory China for Blister/ Strip/ Vial Seals

Pharmaceutical foil uses aluminium foil as a raw material and has been used in all aspects of pharmaceutical packaging. For example, the selling well 8011-O and 8011-H18 aluminum foil of pharmaceutical foil factory china are often compounded on the backboard of the most common PTP medicine packaging such as tablet and capsule blister. And 8011-H14, 8011-H16 pharmaceutical foil for oral liquid, injection vial seals. In addition, 8021 aluminum foil or 8079 aluminium foil is widely used for pharmaceutical packaging with higher protection performance requirements, commonly used are 8021-O aluminum foil for cold-formed blister packaging, 8079-O tropical blister packaging foil . Besides, there are also 1235-O medicine foil for pharma strip pack, as well as other  various packaging forms.

Mingtai Al.Top Ten Pharmaceutical Foil Factory China

It is worth mentioning that, Mingtai Al. is one of the top ten pharmaceutical foil factory china, with more than 23 years of mature production and processing experience, and more than 14 years of rich experience in international market operations. So far, Mingtai  pharmaceutical foil has been exported to South Asia, West Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and other countries and regions. Among them, Mingtai China 8021 aluminum foil has achieved excellent results in the South Asian market, and has a very high reputation and reputation ! Which is due to the quality and price of Mingtai pharmaceutical foil !

Quality. Here, Mingtai pharmaceutical foil factory china has three major production bases covering an area of 1.3 million square meters. Mingtai aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging has exquisite production technology and strict pinhole testing, degreasing process and pharmaceutical foil plate shape control , So that the products produced including China 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil, and 8011 aluminum foil have all obtained Kosher certification, and ISO 9 0 0 1, ISO 1 4 0 0 0 certificates, which are perfect and safe for the protection of pharmaceutical packaging !

Price. There is a highly competitive price of pharmaceutical foil from Mingtai pharmaceutical foil factory china ! and This has to be mentioned that Mingtai Al. is adjacent to the bauxite production area and labor-intensive geographic location. It also has built its own power plant, achieved large-scale, mechanized, and a certain degree of automated production, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces total production cost. So that the Mingtai pharmaceutical foil price is 30% lower than the competitor, which is extremely competitive in the market !

Get Good Price from Mingtai Pharmaceutical Foil Factory China

So, there are not only the aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging with guaranteed quality, but also the very competitive pharmaceutical foil price ! Here, if you are interested in our China 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 pharmaceutical aluminum foil, and 8011 pharmaceutical foil, then don’t hesitate to click on the online customer service on the right, or send an email to us, tell us what usages, specifications and quantity you need, we will quickly and accurately provide you with a satisfactory purchase plan and quotation ! Whenever, Mingtai pharmaceutical foil factory china sincerely look forward to your consultation ! Come on !

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