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Plain aluminum sheet


Plain aluminum sheet and plain aluminum plate

Plain aluminum sheet and plain aluminum plate, these are two names that exist. The reason for the formation of two names is related to the region, and another very important reason is based on the thickness of the aluminum material. Aluminum sheets and aluminum plates are basically the same; the only real difference lies in their respective thicknesses.

Thickness of aluminum sheet and aluminum plate:

Aluminum sheet is any aluminum sheet metal thicker than aluminum foil but less than 6mm;

There are many forms of aluminum sheet, including diamond tread plate, expanded sheet, perforated sheet and painted aluminum sheet

The aluminum plate is any aluminum plate with a thickness greater than 6mm.

plain aluminum sheet

Application of plain aluminum sheet

Similarly, we cannot say in general terms about the application of plain aluminum sheet. Because there are 8 alloy series.

The 1000 series has high aluminum content and is currently the most commonly used series in conventional industries;

The 2000 series is aerospace aluminum, which is not often used in conventional industries at present;

3000 series is a series with better anti-rust function. Normally used in humid environments such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and undercars;

The 4000 series belong to the series with higher silicon content. Belongs to construction, mechanical, forging, welding materials;

5000 series, the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other series in the same area. It can be used in aviation, such as aircraft fuel tank. It is also widely used in conventional industries.

The 6000 series are suitable for applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance and oxidation.

The 7000 series mainly contains zinc. It also belongs to the aviation series, and is often used to manufacture aircraft structures and high-stress structural parts.

plain aluminum plate

Plain aluminum sheet weight calculation

Weight calculation formula: m=ρ*V (m is mass, ρ is density, V is volume)

The density (ρ) of aluminum plates of different alloys is different. Here, take 3mm*1000*2000 1060 aluminum plates (also called pure aluminum plates) as an example.

The weight of this aluminum plate (m) = 2.71 (density) * 3 (thickness/mm) * 1 (width/m) * 2 (length/m) = 16.26kg.

The density of pure aluminum (ρ=2.7g/cm3) is relatively small, about 1/3 of that of iron.

Strictly perform theoretical calculations in accordance with the density table of aluminum plates, and the results are often lighter than the actual ones, because the actual thickness and dimensions of the aluminum plates are not so accurate, and the actual weighing will be affected after the aluminum plates are coated. Theoretical calculations only provide a rough reference.

Plain aluminum sheet price per ton

Aluminum plates are generally alloys, that is, alloys of aluminum and other metal elements. According to different metal elements, it can be divided into eight series such as 1-8 series. According to the content of various metal elements, each series can be divided into different alloy grades, such as the common 8011, 5052, 3003, 1060, etc. The price of each alloy grade is different. In addition, different processing thicknesses and widths use different processes and costs, so the specifications are different and the prices are different. As for the plain aluminum sheet price per ton, I think you can ask direct-sale aluminum sheet manufacturers, the product quality is good, and the price is relatively low.

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