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Safe China 6061 Aluminum Sheet Stable Supply


6061 aluminum sheet is a commonly used raw material for mobile phone card slots, computer housings, doors and windows, engine pistons, molds,etc. Here, the China 6061 aluminum sheet price is very competitive, performance is guaranteed, and maintain a stable supply!

China 6061 Aluminum Sheet Stable Supply

When it comes to the 6061 aluminum sheet, we know that it is the best material for automotive IC engine piston. However, in Germany, the United Kingdom and other different markets, 6061 aluminum sheet is not easy to obtain, often choose 6082 aluminum alloy to replace. Here, the stable supply of china 6061 aluminum sheet is extremely advantageous in the international aluminum market. On the one hand, China has the world's top 3.7 billion tons of rich bauxite resources, so raw material aluminum ingots procurement cost is low, 6061 aluminum sheet price naturally low. On the other hand, China is a manufacturing power, with a mature 6061 aluminum sheet production technology, as well as the independent research and development of the aluminum sheet production line, the performance of China 6061 aluminum sheet is guaranteed! What is most gratifying is that during this special period, after the Chinese government's strong epidemic prevention and control measures, Chinese aluminum sheet enterprises, including Mingtai Al., have returned to work one after another to ensure a stable supply of 6061 aluminum sheets in all international markets!

Mingtai Al. Provides Safe China 6061 Aluminum Sheets for you!

Recently, COVID-19 epidemic spread around the world. Whether it is individuals, enterprises, countries, how to achieve effective prevention and control, sustained operation, so as to reduce the loss to the minimum has become a calm thinking problem. However, Mingtai Al., as a large china 6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer, was the first to obtain a comprehensive license to resume work and production! And provide you with safe aluminum products! Here we assure you that:

Personnel Health. Mingtai Al. set up a 24-hour inspection site where each worker performs information screening, temperature measurements, and disinfection.

Cleaner Production. We disinfect the aluminum sheet/coil/foil production workshop, each area and equipment twice a day, and set up a special trash can for mask.

Cargo Safety. We disinfect every piece of goods and packing such as wooden case. We also carry out health registration, and cleaning、disinfection of logistics vehicles and personnel entering the factory area.

Mingtai China 6061 Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

Here, Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co., Ltd is a large-scale 6061 china aluminum sheet manufacturer integrating scientific research, manufacturing and processing. Mingtai Al., founded in 1997, has more than 20 years of production experience. Through continuous efforts, Mingtai china 6061 aluminum sheet and other products have ranked among the top five in China for many consecutive years. Up to now, Mingtai China brand has occupied more than 40% of the market share in Australia, and it is the second manufacturer of export credit for aluminum sheet/coil/foil enterprises in the americas. If you have any demand for 6061 aluminum sheet or other aluminum sheet, do not hesitate to send an email or click the right online customer service dialog box, tell us the specifications and quantity you need, we will provide you with a stable and safe China 6061 aluminum sheet! Come and contact us!

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