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Sheet aluminum 6061


Sheet aluminum 6061

Sheet aluminum 6061, the alloy aluminum sheet after quenching and rapid cooling treatment, the main alloying elements are magnesium and silicon. Main features: medium strength, corrosion resistance, weldability, oxidation effect, can be polished and the surface is bright after polishing, and the layout is beautiful. Sheet aluminum 6061 is suitable for products with higher requirements on hardness, and the machining effect is also good. 4'x8' aluminum sheet is its common size.

Sheet aluminum 6061

Sheet aluminum 6061 for cars

Advantages of 6061 aluminum sheet bending processing for high endurance automotive panels

Advantages of sheet aluminum 6061 for automobiles.

6061 alloy does not produce imprints after forming, and has the characteristics of increasing strength and improving dent resistance in the baking process after painting, so it is widely used as automotive exterior panels.

Processing conditions of sheet aluminum 6061 for automobiles

From the standpoint of dent resistance of automotive exterior panels, high endurance is necessary. However, from the viewpoint of suppressing processing wrinkles during forming, it is necessary to reduce the endurance of the material during forming. Therefore, in the baking process after painting, how to improve the endurance of the material has become the key to the development of sheet aluminum 6061. After the material is pre-strained by 2% after forming and work hardening, the strength of the alloy exceeds 200 MPa at 170°C for 20 min.

Sheet aluminum 6061 must also have a high degree of formability

Automotive aluminum has very high requirements on the bending performance of the material. By refining the structure of the material, especially the precipitation control of intermetallic compounds, a material that can meet the 180° bending test with a minimum inner radius of 00.5t has been developed and applied to the outer panels of various automobile panels.

asm material data sheet aluminum 6061

Sheet aluminum 6061 T651

6061 T651 aluminum plate is one of the tempers of 6061 aluminum plate. The treatment process is a pre-stretching process, which eliminates the internal stress of the aluminum plate. This kind of tempering is generally medium-thick and extra-thick aluminum plates.

6061 aluminum alloy thick plates refer to flat-rolled products with a thickness> 6mm. The output of aluminum alloy thick plates is increasing year by year, and about 70% of them are aluminum alloys that can be strengthened by heat treatment;

Application range of 6061 T651 aluminum plate:

About 80% of the thick plate is used in the transportation industry. It is widely used in mold manufacturing, automobiles, and precision machining. In addition, the thin sheet aluminum 6061 also has many applications, in mobile phone card slots, mobile phone cases,

3/16 aluminum sheet 6061

Sheet aluminum 6061 pre-stretched

The purpose of pre-stretching is to eliminate the residual internal stress of 6061T651 aluminum plate.

Aluminum alloy plates that can be strengthened by heat treatment must be solid solution treated. Residual stress will be generated during the quenching process, which is harmful and must be eliminated before machining the thick plate, otherwise it will cause unacceptable deformation. There are many measures to eliminate residual stress, but pre-stretching is a simple and effective process. The tensile permanent deformation to control the residual stress is 1% to 4.5%, and some thick plates and forgings can be used to control the residual stress by the compression method.

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