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Sheet aluminum for sale


Sheet aluminum for sale

Here is an introduction to the classification of sheet aluminum for sale.

Indeed, if classified according to thickness, 1/8 aluminum sheet has to be mentioned. But in fact, there are many classification methods for sheet aluminum for sale.

Sheet aluminum for sale can be divided into alloy aluminum sheet and pure aluminum sheet. Pure aluminum sheet is 1000 series aluminum sheet. The alloy aluminum sheet has 2000 series -7000 sharp. The 2000 series are aluminum-copper alloys, the 3000 series are aluminum-manganese alloys, the 4000 series are aluminum-silicon alloys, the 5000 series are aluminum-magnesium alloys, the 6000 series are aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloys, and the 7000 series are aluminum-zinc alloys.

According to the element unit, it can be divided into binary alloy aluminum sheet, ternary alloy aluminum sheet, quaternary alloy aluminum sheet and multi-element alloy aluminum sheet.

According to whether it can be strengthened by heat treatment, it can be divided into heat-treatable aluminum alloy sheet and non-heat-treatable aluminum alloy sheet. Non-strengthened aluminum alloy sheet can be strengthened only by cold working, but heat treatment cannot be significantly strengthened.

sheet aluminum for sale

1000 series sheet aluminum for sale

1000 series sheet aluminum for sale. According to the third and fourth Arabic numerals. To determine the minimum aluminum content of this series. For example, 1050 alloy, the third and fourth Arabic numerals are 50. According to the international aluminum alloy naming principle, the aluminum content must reach 99.5% or more to be qualified 1050 alloy. The same standard principle, the aluminum content of the 1060 series aluminum sheet shall not be less than 99.6%.

3000 series sheet aluminum for sale

3000 series aluminum alloys represent alloys 3003, 3104, and 3A21. The production process of 3000 series aluminum sheets has been used for a long time, so it is very mature and excellent. 3000 series aluminum, its alloy characteristics are brought by the alloying element manganese, the content of manganese element is between 1.0-1.5, manganese element brings a good anti-rust function, so 3000 series can also be regarded as anti-rust aluminum series.

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5000 series sheet aluminum for sale

5000 series aluminum alloy, representative grades 5052, 5005, 5083, 5A05. This series of aluminum is very commonly used, and magnesium is the main factor, and the content is between 3-5%. Some people in the industry call it aluminum-magnesium alloy. It is widely used in conventional industries and in other industries. Like 3000 series aluminum alloy, the processing technology of 5000 series aluminum alloy is also very mature.

6000 series sheet aluminum for sale

6000 series aluminum alloy, the most representative grade: 6061. Magnesium and silicon are its two main elements. 6000 series aluminum, it is concentrated on the advantages of 4000 series and 5000 series. At the same time, 6061 is a cold-treated aluminum forged product. If your project requires high corrosion resistance and oxidation, you can consider using 6061.

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7000 series sheet aluminum for sale

7000 series aluminum alloy, representative grade 7075. Due to the zinc element, it is extremely hard and it is a super hard aluminum alloy. Use occasions in aerospace. At the same time, it is also a heat-treatable alloy, which has abrasion resistance. The weldability is very good, but the disadvantage is that it has poor corrosion resistance.

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