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Sheet aluminum gauge


Sheet aluminum gauge

Sheet aluminum gauge is a method used to indicate the material thickness of aluminum metal plates. Usually expressed by numbers, each number represents a different thickness. The gauge can be converted to the actual thickness of the metal plate (in inches or millimeters). The important point is that in addition to aluminum metal materials, gauges can also indicate the thickness of other metal materials such as steel and copper. For different metal materials, their gauge thickness will also vary according to the type of sheet metal. 1/8 aluminum sheet is one of the sheet aluminum gauges. In addition, there are 1/16 aluminum sheet and 3/16 aluminum sheet.

sheet aluminum gauge

The history of sheet aluminum gauge

The gauge system has a long history in metal manufacturing. It is speculated that before standard and metric measurement systems were widely adopted, gauges may have originated in the British wire industry. Because at that time, the gauge was used to describe the diameter of the metal wire. Since then, gauges have gradually expanded the scope of application, beginning to be used to specify the thickness of metal wires and metal sheets. Become a universal method with such a function.

sheet aluminum gauge thickness

Sheet aluminum gauge is closely related to price

Sheet aluminum gauge is closely related to price. If you want a low price, it is best to choose ordinary aluminum sheet thickness. Generally speaking, it refers to an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1.0-8.0mm. The price of this type of aluminum sheet is relatively low. The thinner aluminum sheet has more passes in the processing procedure, so the price is relatively high. Focusing on aluminum sheets above 8mm, their processing technology has changed again, and the ingot is processed by hot rolling. Then in the ingot casting process, consumption will inevitably occur. Therefore, the price of aluminum sheet in this thickness range is relatively high. Here to explain, not all thin aluminum sheets are cold-rolled. But it is certain that aluminum sheets over eight millimeters are produced by hot rolling.

6061 aluminum gauge thickness chart

6061 sheet aluminum gauge

6061 aluminum sheet belongs to the 6 series of aluminum alloy products, which is a representative product of aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. Like the 6063 series, this series of aluminum sheets contains a certain amount of silicon and magnesium. Has a certain degree of wear resistance and rust resistance. It is often used in industry, machinery and molds.

The hardness of 6061 is good, which is suitable for places with high hardness requirements. Usually this series of aluminum sheet medium and thick plates are widely used (6-100mm). 6061T6 aluminum sheet has played a greater practical value in traditional applications such as mold manufacturing, anti-rust and oxidation, etc. 6061-T6 aluminum diamond plate has strength, slip resistance and durability, these are the main attributes of the material.

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