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Sheet aluminum lowes


Classification of sheet aluminum lowes

According to the different content of alloying elements, sheet aluminum lowes can be divided into eight alloy series.

According to different processing techniques, it can be divided into two categories. Cold rolled aluminum sheet and hot rolled aluminum sheet.

According to the thickness, it can be divided into thin plates and medium-thick plates. For example, 1/8 aluminum sheet. The GB/T3880-2006 standard stipulates that the thickness of less than 0.2 mm is called aluminum foil.

According to the surface shape, it can be divided into bare aluminum sheet and aluminum checker plate.

Sheet aluminum lowes

Sheet aluminum lowes alloys

Generally, each series has four digits, and each digit must have a number or letter. The meaning is: the second digit represents the number of controlled impurities; the third and fourth digits represent the lowest percentage of pure aluminum content after the decimal point.

1××× series is industrial pure aluminum (Al), 2××× series is aluminum-copper alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Cu), 3××× series is aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Mn), 4 ××× series are aluminum-silicon alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Si), 5××× series are aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum sheet (Al--Mg), 6××× series are aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy aluminum sheet (AL- -Mg--Si), 7××× series is aluminum-zinc alloy aluminum sheet [AL--Zn--Mg--(Cu)], 8××× series is aluminum and other elements.

owes aluminum sheet roofing

Sheet aluminum lowes grades

The 1000 series sheet aluminum lowes are the purest among all commercial aluminum grades. Each grade in the 1000 series contains at least 99% pure aluminum. The high aluminum content gives 1000 series alloys excellent electrical resistance.

The 2000 series grade is called copper grade aluminum, and copper is the main alloying element. The addition of copper increases the strength and hardness of the alloy, thereby improving its workability.

3000 series aluminum sheet, mainly 3003 3003 3a21. It can also be called anti-rust aluminum sheet. Mingtai Aluminum's 3000 series aluminum sheet production process is relatively excellent.

Magnesium is the main element in the composition of 5000 series aluminum. Among all non-heat-treatable alloys, grade 5000 has the highest strength, although it is not as strong as the more common grade 6000.

Magnesium and silicon are the two main alloy components in all 6000 grades of aluminum. Grade 6061 is the most common commercial aluminum, while Grade T6 is the most common temper.

The 7000 series grade is the hardest and strongest commercial grade of aluminum. In fact, 7000 grade aluminum is stronger than many types of low-carbon steel.

The more commonly used 8000 series is 8011, which belongs to other series. It is an aluminum sheet whose main function is to make bottle caps, and it is also used in radiators, most of which are aluminum foil. Not very commonly used.

aluminum sheet roll lowes

Sheet aluminum lowes use

Sheet aluminum lowes is a metal product that is subjected to flying shear after rolling on a casting-rolling mill and processing the corners. It is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery, etc. There are many sheet aluminum lowes manufacturers in my country, and the production process has been very mature.

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