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Sheet aluminum near me

There are various classification methods for sheet aluminum near me. Thickness, alloy, temper, rolling process, etc. can all be the basis for classification. The commonly used thickness is 1/8 aluminum sheet, which is also the aluminum sheet that many customers will ask. Which alloy series is more suitable for aluminum sheet products from series 1 to 8? According to experience, usually sheet aluminum near me mainly includes 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series aluminum alloy. The 5 series and 6 series products are of medium hardness, and the 2 series and 7 series are super hard alloys. Among these series of products, 5000 series is very commonly used. Its characteristics and applications are related to its main element, which is magnesium alloy element, which is why it is called magnesium aluminum alloy. Alloy tempers include O, HXX and HXXX.

Sheet aluminum near me

6000 series sheet aluminum near me

What is the main alloying element of 6000 series aluminum alloy? It is Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloy extrusion alloy. Currently, more than 70% of the world's aluminum extrusion materials are produced from 6 series alloys.

For the processing of the 6-series 6061 aluminum sheet, including heat treatment and pre-stretching, its strength is still not comparable to that of the 2XXX/7XXX series aluminum sheet, but it has many characteristics due to magnesium and silicon alloys. Including processing performance and welding characteristics. It is also a rare mold making aluminum sheet material, which has good electroplating, corrosion resistance, toughness, processability, compact material and no defects.

6061 aluminum sheet near me

Reflective sheet aluminum near me

Nowadays, we see many products made of reflective aluminium sheet in our lives. Mirror aluminum sheet is a reprocessed aluminum sheet material. Its application fields include the actual interior and exterior decoration of buildings, the design of various electrical appliances, and it has been popularized. The surface treatment of the mirror aluminum sheet can have a substantial impact on the performance of the sheet, and it can also endanger the service life of the mirror aluminum sheet. The mirror aluminum sheet can also be surface treated.

sheets of aluminum near me

Sheet aluminum near me for construction

In industrial construction, sheet aluminum near me can be used as roofing, wall, doors and windows, etc. Now the scope of aluminum alloy sheet in the construction field has been expanded. Aluminum sheet can be used for decoration and construction templates, and it has a good use effect. Sheet aluminum near me for construction has many advantages. Compared with other metal materials, sheet aluminum near me is light in weight; high in strength; it can be processed into any shape as required; and it can also be used for various process connections.

Construction material aluminium sheet for building structure

The use of aluminum sheet as a building structure can reduce the weight of the building, thereby saving building materials. It can also reduce transportation costs, installation workload, and processing and construction speed.

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