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Sheet aluminum prices


Sheet aluminum prices are related to many factors

Sheet aluminum prices, that is, "how much is a ton of aluminum sheet", is one of the most concerned issues of every purchasing customer. From the technological point of view, aluminum sheet refers to the rectangular plate made by rolling aluminum ingot. Different categories have different names for aluminum sheet, pure aluminum sheet, thin aluminum sheet, thick aluminum sheet and aluminum checker plate. According to alloy classification, it can be divided into 1000-8000 series. For example, the price of 3003 aluminum sheet is different from the price of 5052 aluminum sheet. There are different sizes of aluminum sheets, different thicknesses, and thousands of specifications. So how are sheet aluminum prices calculated? What are the influencing factors?

Sheet aluminum prices

Sheet aluminum prices and aluminum ingot prices

The price of aluminum ingots. The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates every day. Therefore, manufacturers' quotations for aluminum sheet products of the same specification will also vary with the fluctuation of aluminum ingot prices.

Sheet aluminum prices and processing costs

Processing costs. Different alloy grades, different processing techniques, so the processing costs are different. Even if the aluminum sheet of the same model and specification is inquired by several different aluminum sheet companies, there may be several different costs. This is because the production and processing equipment, product raw materials and other labor costs of different manufacturers are different.

aluminium sheet price list

Sheet aluminum prices and freight

Freight. Freight is an important part of the sales of aluminum sheets, and the export of aluminum sheets is generally carried by shipping. The transportation distance and the quantity of goods will affect the final cost of the product. Under normal circumstances, some larger manufacturers are equipped with a more complete logistics system, which can save some transportation costs as a whole.

Sheet aluminum prices calculation

Now, we can see: sheet aluminum prices=(aluminum ingot price + processing fee + shipping) * quantity. It is difficult for companies to quote the same price, mainly because they are affected by some factors, such as manufacturer strength, cost control, and quality control. The ex-factory price per ton of aluminum sheet is composed of the current aluminum ingot price + the processing fee of the product. As long as you check the aluminum ingot price of the day on the Yangtze River Nonferrous Metals website, and consult the aluminum sheet manufacturer for the processing fee of a certain aluminum sheet, then sheet aluminum prices can be easily calculated.

4x8 sheet aluminum prices

Sheet aluminum prices at Mingtai

After all, the calculation formula for sheet aluminum prices is an ideal concept and not accurate. It is difficult to find specific aluminum sheet prices on any website, so if you need to know specific sheet aluminum prices, I suggest you consult Mingtai. As an aluminum sheet supplier, we have a professional business manager to quote. Click on the online consultation on the right or find other contact methods on the website.

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