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Sheet aluminum thickness


Sheet aluminum thickness

Sheet aluminum is a relatively mature product in the aluminum product series and one of the main aluminum products of Mingtai Aluminum. Other aluminum products include aluminum coil, aluminum foil and aluminum strip. Introduce you the details of sheet aluminum thickness parameters.

Sheet aluminum thickness and tempering

Sheet aluminum is a relatively mature product in the aluminum product series and one of the main aluminum products of Mingtai Aluminum. The main tempering is F, O, H, T, etc.

sheet aluminum thickness

Other parameters besides sheet aluminum thickness

In addition to the sheet aluminum thickness parameter, the standard length is 2440mm, and it can also be customized according to customer requirements, such as 2000mm, 3000mm, 3200mm, etc. The length is generally unlimited, as long as the transportation is convenient. The standard width is 1220mm, and other widths are 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1750mm, etc. Sheet aluminum with a thickness of less than 4mm is usually used indoors.

5052 sheet aluminum thickness

The 5052 aluminum alloy in the 5000 series is a general-purpose alloy. Taking 5052 as an example, let's introduce its performance characteristics.

Corrosion resistance, formability and workability are all its outstanding characteristics;

The production technology and processing technology of 5052 aluminum alloy are mature, with stable performance, and can be used with confidence;

Good plasticity, suitable for marine environment;

The sheet aluminum thickness is within the tolerance range, and the overall board surface is flat; no cracks and no corrosion points; its use value is very high.

sheet aluminum thickness chart

The sheet aluminum thickness is also related to the price

Take Henan Mingtai Aluminum as an example. As one of the direct selling manufacturers, the product prices are very low. Why is sheet aluminum thickness related to price? In fact, the actual price of a product is affected by many factors. For example, product specifications are related to processing fees, aluminum ingot prices are related to raw materials, and manufacturers are related to processing fees. People know that product prices are related to the price of aluminum ingots, after all, aluminum ingots are the raw materials for aluminum products. In fact, the thickness is also a key factor affecting the price of aluminum sheet. Under the same other conditions, the price of aluminum sheet of conventional thickness is relatively low, and it is easy to have inventory. The price of ultra-thick aluminum sheet and ultra-thin aluminum sheet is relatively high.

5052 aluminum sheet thickness

Sheet aluminum thickness and aluminum sheet manufacturers

The most direct way is to choose the right aluminum sheet manufacturer. Many of the price-related factors we mentioned above are related to aluminum sheet manufacturers, because these factors are related to the manufacturer's processing fees. The price of aluminum ingots is beyond the control of aluminum sheet manufacturers. You can find the average price of aluminum ingots in the most recent period on the Internet, which can help you understand the latest product price quotations. Henan Mingtai, we can provide a variety of sheet aluminum, including cost-effective 3003 aluminum sheet, high-purity 1100 aluminum sheet, and general-purpose 5052 aluminum. Please contact us.

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