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Strong COVID-19 Prevention-Mingtai Aluminum Products Make You Assured Purchase!


COVID-19 is a global epidemic affecting people's travel, businesses, and economies. But how can companies and individuals minimise their economic losses? Here, learn about strong COVID-19 prevention measures of ChinaMingtai Al., which is of reference significance for you to purchase safe aluminum products and other goods, as well as to comprehensively resume production!

Mingtai Al.- the Aluminum Industry Leader in COVID-19 Prevention

The end of January 2020 should have been a good day for every Chinese, and migrant workers in various cities, including Mingtai employees, are happily embarked on the journey to return home during the Spring Festival. However, a COVID-19 epidemic spread.

January 24, 2020. Spring Festival , the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in Wuhan, Hubei.

January 30, 2020. in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19, Mingtai Al. quickly adjusted its start-up strategy after the Spring Festival, responded quickly to the requirements of the national COVID-19 prevention and control documents. From the perspective of consciousness, Mingtai attaches great importance to the prevention and control of corporate epidemics. From the perspective of plans, formulate a detailed prevention and control system. And from the perspective of actions, fully and strictly implement prevention and control materials and measures .

February 1, 2020. In accordance with the strong and effective epidemic prevention measures, Mingtai aluminum sheet/coil/foil production workshop, foreign trade and e-commerce department began to work on duty mode, to resume the work of foreign trade promotion.

February 17, 2020. Mingtai Al. has successively passed the inspection of provincial and municipal supervision and control teams, and the total number of Mingtai workers returning to work has reached 90%, making it the first enterprise in the aluminum industry to obtain a comprehensive permit for returning to work!

Comprehensive Epidemic Prevention System - Mingtai Aluminum Products Make You Assured Purchase!

Personnel. Mingtai Al. set up a 24-hour checkpoint for the factory and office areas, and implement the "6S" epidemic prevention management mode, that is, inspection, temperature measurement, cleanliness, distance, nutrition, supervision, to ensure the safety of employees in all aspects of food, accommodation and transportation.

Production Workshop. Every day, the production equipment and designated locations of the Mingtai aluminum sheet/ coil/ foil workshop are disinfected twice, and specially set up waste masks recycling trash cans, strict all-round clean production workshop environment.  

Logistics Fleet. Similarly, Mingtai Al. conducts a detailed inspection of each incoming vehicle and logistics personnel within 24 hours, and implements two complete vehicle disinfection after entering and leaving the factory, as well as all aspects of disinfection measures such as packing of goods and wooden cases. In addition, Mingtai also maintains close information sharing with third-party transportation companies, to ensure the normal timeliness of transportation and stable shipping schedules.

The Beautiful RetrogradePerson- Orderly Return to Full Production

As the English poet Shelley wrote, “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” So, we should all believe that no winter is insurmountable, and no spring is not coming! Now,Mingtai Al. has completed a full-scale resumption of production! Here, we pay tribute to the Mingtai workers in the front line of the epidemic prevention workshop, and also pay tribute to the medical staff and the various industries’ most beautiful retrogrades of Hubei! I believe that no matter if you are in North America, South America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the United States, Italy, Iran, South Korea, etc. in more than 100 countries and regions, the Chinese government, and Chinese enterprises such as Mingtai, every Chinese person will accompany you to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, and welcome the spring blossoms of the world! If you have related material needs, please contact us in time,Mingtai Al. will provide you with the support and help within our power!

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