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The Difference between 3003 Aluminum vs 5052 in Shipbuilding


As we all know, 3003 aluminum vs 5052 are typical anti-rust aluminums with excellent corrosion resistance. But it is not difficult to find that they belong to different alloy series of 3 series and 5 series. Due to the addition of the main alloy components Mn and Mg, there is a big difference between 3003 aluminum vs 5052 used in shipbuilding.

Brief Introduction to 3003 Aluminum vs 5052

In fact, 5052 aluminum strength is higher than 3003 aluminum, especially the highest fatigue strength. In addition, compared to the machinability of 3003 aluminum vs 5052, the machinability of 5052 aluminum is also better than that of 3003 aluminum, and its seawater resistance is excellent. Therefore, 5052 aluminum has become a commonly used marine grade aluminum sheet in shipbuilding. Of course, the 3003 aluminum with higher aluminum content has better ductility. As a thin sheet, 3003 aluminum sheet is also widely used in the processing of marine parts and components that require good formability, high corrosion resistance, and good weldability. It is worth mentioning, the rolled 3003 aluminum foil is widely favored by the market in the fields of food packaging and the electronics industry!

The Difference between 3003 Aluminum vs 5052 in Shipbuilding

Performance Difference. Taking 3003 aluminum vs 5052 under H24 temper as an example, the tensile strength of 5052 aluminum is 230-280Rm/MPa, while that of 3003 aluminum is 145-195Rm/MP, so the tensile strength of 5052 aluminum is much higher than 3003 aluminum. Secondly, the extension strength of 5052 aluminum is 150Rm/MPa, while that of 3003 aluminum is 115Rm/MPa. Therefore, the overall performance of 5052 aluminum sheet is significantly better than 3003 aluminum.

Application Differences. 3003 aluminum vs 5052 are used in shipbuilding. But 5052 marine grade aluminum shee is mostly used on small ships and ship parts, such as cable trays, decks, portholes, gangways, etc. As for 3003 aluminum sheet is often used for ship parts and skid plates, such as ship sinks, anti-skid plates in engine rooms.

Price Difference. The price of 3003 aluminum is slightly higher than that of pure aluminum, while 5052 aluminum sheet price is significantly higher than 3003 aluminum sheet price. According to different temper and thicknesses, 5052 aluminum sheet price is about 283-423 USD higher than 3003 aluminum per ton.

Mingtai 3003 Aluminum vs 5052 Marine Aluminum in Shipbuilding

Here, 3003 aluminum vs 5052 are Mingtai Al. superior product. Among them, 5052 aluminum sheet of representative marine grade aluminum sheet, has won the China classification society (CCS), det norske veritas (DNV), American bureau of shipping (ABS), bureau veritas (BV), British corporation (LR) certification, has successfully entered the world shipbuilding market, and favored by the Philippines, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other southeast Asia and North America shipbuilding market's favorite! So, if you are interested in our products,  don't hesitate to send an email or click the customer service dialog on the right, to tell us the use, specifications, quantity you need, we will provide you with free and satisfactory purchase plan and quote! Come on!

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