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Thin gauge aluminum sheet


Thin gauge aluminum sheet

Thin gauge aluminum sheet means aluminum sheet with a relatively small thickness, such as 1/16 aluminum sheet, 1/8 aluminum sheet, and 1/4 aluminum sheet. The size of thin gauge aluminum sheet is produced according to your requirements. Common sizes are 4x8 aluminum sheet, 5x10 aluminum sheet and so on. If you want a cheap thin gauge aluminum sheet, choose 1000 series aluminum sheet; if your project has certain requirements on the characteristics of aluminum, then you need to choose alloy aluminum sheet, then you need to choose from 2000-7000 series Choose the appropriate aluminum sheet from the aluminum sheet.

thin gauge aluminum sheet

Thin gauge aluminum sheet 1060

Many users are not very clear about the meaning of aluminum sheet 1060, thin gauge aluminum sheet 1060 is one of the commonly used aluminum sheet types. It is the representative product of pure aluminum sheet and the most commonly used material in various projects. The production process is relatively simple, the production technology is mature, and the price is lower than other alloy aluminum sheets. 1060 aluminum has some characteristics, such as elongation and tensile strength, and high formability, which can fully meet the processing requirements of general projects.

Although 1060 aluminum sheet is a simple process aluminum sheet, it also has different tempering, including O, h24, h18, h114, etc. There are different tempers because of their different hardness. Therefore, you need to understand clearly the hardness requirements of the project in order to select the appropriate tempering. Aluminum grades are generally coded with four Arabic numerals, 1 represents pure aluminum series, and 60 represents 99.6 aluminum content. This is the naming principle of the 1000 series aluminum sheet.

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Thin gauge aluminum sheet 3003

Thin gauge aluminum sheet 3003 is also a relatively cheap aluminum sheet. Compared with 1000 series aluminum, it is stronger and has corrosion resistance. The definition of corrosion resistance: the ability of metal materials to resist the corrosion damage of the surrounding medium. Corrosion resistance is related to the composition, chemical properties and organizational morphology of the material. The manganese in 3003 gives it excellent corrosion resistance. If your project has requirements for corrosion resistance and the budget is limited, you can choose this 3003 alloy aluminum sheet. The strength of 3003 aluminum is slightly higher than that of 1060 aluminum, so if you have higher requirements for strength, it is best to choose 5052 alloy aluminum sheet, which also has corrosion resistance and some other characteristics. The price is slightly higher than 3003 alloy aluminum sheet.

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Cost of thin gauge aluminum sheet

According to the rolling process, thin gauge aluminum sheet can be divided into hot rolled thin gauge aluminum sheet and cast thin gauge aluminum sheet. There are certain differences between hot-rolled aluminum sheet and cast aluminum sheet. For example, the internal structure of hot-rolled aluminum sheet is stable and uniform, the process is complicated, and the price is higher than that of cold-rolled aluminum sheet. Except for the 1000 and 3000 series of aluminum sheets, the cold rolling process is used, and the other series are using the hot rolling process. The 1 series and 3 series products are not impossible to hot-rolled production, but the price is higher. No matter what kind of rolling process, it is necessary to choose the right one. Are you looking for thin gauge aluminum sheet, why not come to Mingtai? We have hundreds of high-quality aluminum products. For questions about the product, you can also consult us, our staff is waiting for you.

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