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How to calculate the weight of aluminum sheet

Many customers will ask a question, how to calculate the weight of aluminum sheet? Like aluminum products such as aluminum rods, aluminum bars and aluminum rods, the weight of aluminum sheets also needs to be calculated. Whether it is 3003 aluminum sheet or 5052 aluminum sheet. This article will give you a detailed introduction around this issue. To calculate the weight of aluminum sheet, you must first know the weight calculation formula: weight = density x volume.

weight of aluminum sheet

Weight of aluminum sheet calculation method

Please note that the content of this paragraph is the calculation process of a single piece of aluminum. Thickness is usually millimeters (mm). Width and length are usually measured in meters. The density of aluminum sheet varies depending on the alloy, but the change is not significant. Then put the density into the formula calculation. However, we usually use 2.71 as the density value. If you have strict requirements on density, you can find specific aluminum sheet density tables on the Internet to view.

We select two alloys, first calculate the single weight of the aluminum sheet, and then calculate how many sheets there are in one ton of aluminum sheet. Here is a summary.

weight of aluminum sheet metal

Weight of aluminum sheet

Thickness (mm) * Width (m) * Length (m) * 2.71 (Density) = Aluminum sheet weight (kg)

Practical application of calculating the weight of aluminum sheet:

Example 1: 1060 aluminum sheet with a specification of 2*1220*2440, want to know the weight of a single sheet.

2*1.22*2.44*2.71=16.13 (kg)

Example 2: 3003 aluminum sheet with a specification of 1*1000*2000, want to know the weight of a single sheet.

1*1*2*2.71=5.42 (kg)

How many sheets are there in a ton of aluminum

1÷0.001÷thickness (mm)÷width (m)÷length (m)÷2.71=sheet quantity

For example: 1060 aluminum sheet, the specification is 2*1220*2440, how many sheets can be produced per ton?


weight of aluminum sheet per square meter

Precautions for calculating weight of aluminum sheet

The above content has summarized the weight calculation methods and examples to prove that there are several characteristics in the calculation that are easy to confuse and require more attention. As an aluminum sheet manufacturer, I will tell you some tips about calculating the weight of aluminum sheets and the problems that need to be avoided.

1. Remember that the thickness measurement and the length and width measurement units are different, the thickness unit (mm), the length and width unit (m).

2. Don't imagine the formula as difficult, in fact, just put the value in the formula to calculate it.

3. If you don't know the specific density of a certain alloy, you can set it as 2.71 for the time being.

The above content is the calculation method of aluminum sheet weight, examples and 3 aluminum sheet weight calculation techniques. Hope it can help you. If you calculate more times, this formula will appear in your memory quickly when you need it. If you forget it, its okay. Feel free to click on the online consultation on the right, and our professional customer service will answer you. If you have a better way to calculate the weight of aluminum sheets, welcome to share and communicate!

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