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Wholesale aluminum sheet metal


Wholesale aluminum sheet metal classification

If classified according to constituent elements, wholesale aluminum sheet metal is divided into pure aluminum sheet and alloy aluminum sheet. Aluminum sheet manufacturers help you understand their definitions and their differences.

We all know aluminum alloys, and we often come into contact with aluminum alloys in our daily lives. 1/8 aluminum sheet is common specification. The frequently mentioned alloy aluminum sheets and pure aluminum sheets are both aluminum sheets. What is an alloy aluminum sheet? What is pure aluminum sheet? What is the difference between the performance of the two?

Wholesale aluminum sheet metal

Corrosion resistance of wholesale aluminum sheet metal

Aluminum sheet refers to a rectangular plate made of aluminum ingots or aluminum rolling after certain processing. Alloy aluminum sheet can be said to be an upgraded version of pure aluminum sheet. Various alloying elements are added during the processing of the aluminum sheet to improve the mechanical properties and chemical indicators of the aluminum sheet. The difference between them is mainly in terms of performance.

The corrosion resistance of the two is different. Due to the addition of some alloying elements, such as magnesium, the corrosion resistance of the alloy aluminum sheet is much better than that of the pure aluminum sheet. Therefore, in some corrosive industries, aluminum alloy sheet is more popular than pure aluminum sheet.

Wholesale aluminum sheet metal hardness

The hardness of the two is different. Also due to the added alloying elements, the hardness of the alloy aluminum sheet is greater than that of the aluminum sheet. Copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese and other alloying elements, some elements will increase the hardness of the aluminum sheet.

Wholesale aluminum metal

Wholesale aluminum sheet metal conductivity

The conductivity of the two is different. In this regard, pure aluminum is also called industrial aluminum, which benefits from its electrical and thermal conductivity, so it is often used in industry. In some power industries, pure aluminum sheet is often chosen. And its price is very low.

Wholesale aluminum sheet metal plasticity

The plasticity of the two is different. The plasticity of alloy aluminum sheet is better than that of pure aluminum sheet, so the applicable range of alloy aluminum sheet is wider than that of aluminum sheet.

Wholesale aluminum sheet metal stretchability

The stretch degree of the two is different. Aluminum alloy plate is easier to stretch than pure aluminum sheet and has stronger ductility, so it has a wider range of applications.

Wholesale aluminum sheet

Wholesale aluminum sheet metal

The weight of the two will also be slightly different. Alloy aluminum sheet is heavier than pure aluminum sheet. This is because some heavy metals are added to the alloy aluminum sheet, which has a greater mass than aluminum.

Wholesale aluminum sheet metal weldability

The weldability of the two is different. The weldability of alloy aluminum sheet is stronger than that of pure aluminum sheet. The aluminum alloy sheet can be better used in some occasions where welding is required, which also limits the scope of application of the aluminum sheet.

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