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Wide aluminum sheet


Wide aluminum sheet

Wide aluminum sheet is a special kind of aluminum sheet products. It is generally believed that the width of this type of aluminum sheet is more than 1500 mm. The production requirements of this kind of aluminum sheet are very high, and not any manufacturer can produce it. Wide aluminum sheet is a very common product in the current aluminum sheet market, and it is also one of the products with very high market demand. Why is the wide aluminum sheet popular in the market, and what is the market situation of the wide aluminum sheet? Now we conduct a detailed analysis and interpretation. 1/8 aluminum sheet also can be wide aluminum sheet.

Wide aluminum sheet

Application of wide aluminum sheet

Wide aluminum sheet is widely used in the fields of aerospace, molds, instrumentation, and construction. It can also be used for anti-corrosion and heat preservation in power plants and chemical plants.

High-grade aluminum sheets can be used in automobile parts including: Signs and buttons and other interior and exterior decorations. According to the different needs of these products, the most appropriate process can be selected to meet the high standards of physical properties and decorative effects of automotive decorative parts, and greatly save the cost of decoration. Metal elements play a crucial role in the interior and exterior decoration of cars. Its superior metal texture can make the car's decoration look more upscale and classic.

extra wide aluminum sheet

Possible problems with wide aluminum sheet

The processing of wide aluminum sheet is affected by more and more advanced products, and it is necessary to continuously introduce advanced processing technology to bring favorable guarantee for product processing and manufacturing. However, it is inevitable that various quality problems still occur in the processing procedures of aluminum sheet manufacturers. For example, wide aluminum sheet has rough surface and inaccurate precision.

Surface roughness may be caused by excessive nitric acid content in the bath and acid corrosion. It is also possible that the internal structure of the aluminum material causes the surface roughness. If the copper content in the bath is high, the surface roughness will be higher. Generally, if the content of nitric acid in the bath is too high, the reaction will be violent during chemical polishing, and the phenomenon of "Boiling" Will occur. After recognizing the specific reasons, manufacturers can implement corresponding solutions for different situations.

6' wide aluminum sheet

Wide aluminum sheet price

For the specific price of wide aluminum sheet, instead of checking it on the internet, it is better to click the online consultation on the right. Because you can hardly find the specific aluminum price on the website. The price of aluminum sheet is related to many factors such as alloy, specification, thickness, tempering, surface treatment and so on. Email us or consult us online now to enjoy competitive prices. And a professional technical manager introduces them in detail and provides free customized services.

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