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Widely used aluminum foil for tape


Advantages and applications of aluminum foil for tape

Aluminum foil for tape is formed by the combination of aluminum foil and adhesive. It is consistent with the performance of ordinary tape and used to stick things,but its application field is different.Common tape is more used in daily life, aluminum foil for tape is mostly used in industry. Aluminum foil and adhesive compound to form aluminum foil for tape, it has good stickiness, strong adhesion, easy molding, rust prevention, good heat preservation effect, anti-aging and other functions. It’s widely used in refrigerator, air conditioning, automobile, petrochemical, bridge, hotel, electronics and other industries.

8011 aluminum foil VS 1235 aluminum foil

The raw material of the aluminum foil for tape is usually 8011 aluminum foil and 1235 aluminum foil,so what is the difference between the two aluminum foil tapes?

First of all, their alloy composition is different. The main component of the 1 series of products is pure aluminum, some other elements are added to the8 series of products, resulting in their different properties.

Secondly, there are also differences in the process.The annealing temperature of 1235 aluminum foil is lower than that of 8011 aluminum foil, but the annealing time is basically the same.

Finally, the strength of the two is different, after the finished product, 8011 aluminum foil tensile strength is higher than 1235 aluminum foil, but the two elongation difference is not big,8011 aluminum foil slightly higher.

Classification of aluminum foil for tape

According to the state of the alloy, it is divided into a soft state and a hard state,  i.e. H18 and O state. The production process of aluminum foil for tape in H18 state does not need to be annealed, but sometimes it needs to be baked oil, while the aluminum foil for tape in O state needs to be annealed to make its performance soft.Generally, 1235 / O alloy is more used.

Aluminum foil for tape base material produced by Mingtai Aluminum, with a thickness in the range of 0.016-0.2mm and a width of 100-1600 mm, which can be customized according to the customer's requirements.If you need aluminum foil for tape substrate, please contact customer service at: vip@mingtai-al.com or 86-186 3826 8963 (WhatsApp / wechat)

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