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diamond aluminum plate


Diamond aluminum plate

Diamond aluminum plate, also known as aluminium checker plate. 1 series diamond aluminum plate 1060/1100/1050/1070 alloy, special materials can also be produced, but mass customization is required. 3 series aluminum plate can produce 3003/3105/3004/3005 and other materials, 5 series aluminum plate can produce 5052/5754/5083/5005/LF2/LF3/LF5/LF6/5A02/5A03/5A05 material, 6 series aluminum plate can produce 6061 6063/6082, can be treated with aging to improve the hardness of T6 temper.

Width and thickness production range: it can produce thickness between 0.8mm-9mm and width within 2600mm.

diamond aluminum plate

How to distinguish high-quality diamond aluminum plate?

In fact, many customers care about the thickness of the diamond aluminum plate when choosing. However, in fact, the quality of the aluminum plate has nothing to do with the thickness of the aluminum plate, mainly the material of the aluminum plate.

The aluminum plate with good material has good surface gloss. So many people choose diamond aluminum plate with better smoothness when choosing.

When choosing aluminum plates, many people are accustomed to choosing thick aluminum plates when choosing. In fact, what should be more concerned is whether the thickness of the aluminum plate is uniform. This type of aluminum plate has better quality and is easier to use.

diamond tread aluminum plate

Advantages of diamond aluminum plate

As companies have eliminated iron checkered plates that are easy to rust, they have turned to bright-looking diamond aluminum plates, especially in shipping, machinery and other industries.

The main purpose of the aluminium checker plate is anti-skid, because the surface has been pressed and rolled by the embossing machine, so there will be various patterns on the surface. The raised pattern has a good anti-slip effect, so it is determined that the product is mainly used in various places where anti-slip is required.

For example: ships, vehicles (between the carriages of subways, trains and high-speed rails, on buses and pedals, trailer fenders), various pedals, elevators, workshops and other places that require anti-skid. There are applications of diamond aluminum plate.

Advantage 1: Appearance. Everyone knows the characteristics of aluminum. The appearance is bright. Even after contact with moist air, there will be no rust. Instead, aluminum oxide is formed to form an oxide film to prevent continued oxidation or corrosion. Therefore, the service life is much higher than that of iron plates, and the later maintenance is simple.

Advantage 2: Density. The density is only 2.71. The weight of the same aluminum checkered plate is 1/3 of that of the iron checkered plate, so the price is relatively low.

aluminum diamond plate sheets near me

Mingtai Aluminum diamond aluminum plate

If you are looking for ultra-wide diamond aluminum plate for your next project, Mingtai Aluminum is a good choice. At present, it can produce 5 bar aluminium checker plates within 2600mm, and there are only a few manufacturers with this production capacity. Aluminium checker plates with a width of less than 1600mm cannot meet the needs of special industries. In use, only welding can be used for splicing, which not only affects the appearance, but also has a greater impact on the hardness and load-bearing performance of the patterned aluminum plate. Contact us directly is the fastest way to get the price

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