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Black aluminum coil stock

Black aluminum coil stock
Model : 1050,1060,1100,3003,5052
Thickness: 0.2-1.5mmmm
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF

OEM/ODM, Design Service Offered

Brief introduction:

Prepainted aluminum coils are "pre-rolled aluminum coils", which means that the aluminum coils are pre-painted with colors before they undergo cutting, bending, rolling and other forming processes. It is a method different from spraying (painting after forming ). In the current construction market, 70% of the metal materials used on the construction surface are pre-rolled. The uniquely designed high-speed continuous and automatic production line makes the coating more uniform and stable; it can ensure the formation of two-layer one-time coatings on the front and back sides, which is more efficient; avoid the paint coating on the aluminum coil surface from being damaged during multiple processing. Overbake. Black aluminum coil stock is a material product that uses a lot of prepainted aluminum coils.

Applications and Features:

Black aluminum coil stock is used in construction, which is environmentally friendly, durable and beautiful. At the same time, whether it is a multi-functional large-scale building or a novel building, color-coated aluminum can always meet the different requirements of modern and classified architectural styles, making the building colorful. Its durability is about 30 years.

Black aluminum coil stock provides high-end color coated aluminum, welded honeycomb panels and other new materials for rail transit. Bringing up excellent quality, it has become the choice of domestic and foreign high-speed railway subways, new energy vehicles, oil storage tanks and special vehicles.

Electronic appliances, instruments, lighting, packaging and other fields have their applications. It can be used as an electronic product shell, etc., with stable performance.

Where to buy black aluminum coil stock

The application of black aluminum coil stock in products is diverse. We cooperate with domestic and foreign customers and continue to innovate. Our color coated aluminum is elegant in style, durable and long lasting, and is deeply loved by customers. According to the special needs of different customers, we have developed color-coated aluminum coils with various effects. Honesty-oriented, high-end positioning, and continuous creation of value for customers are our business objectives. To choose Mingtai Aluminum Industry is to choose reliable quality and timely service.

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