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Adhesive Foil

All foils satisfies our customers’ needs for aluminum adhesive foil in a variety of applications including automotive, electronics, construction and more.

  • Aluminum Adhesive Foil
  • Aluminum Adhesive Foil
  • Aluminum Adhesive Foil
  • Aluminum Adhesive Foil
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Product Introduction

1 xxx 1060  1235 O  H18 0.018-0.4 100-1600 coil
8 xxx 8011


Aluminum Adhesive foil (Aluminum Foil for Tape) can resist temperature extremes, high humidity and other bad conditions. And it has strong adhesive capacity as well as good conductivity. Cracks and damages will seldom occur even after being used many times.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum Adhesive Foil

Good Plate Shape


The company adopotes Andrreas plate shape roller, which is introduced from Zhuo Shen LTD. It is very advanced and appropriate to gurantee perfect plate shape. In machinery, full hydraulic control, together with pressure sensor and servo valve, makes it possible to realize accurate roll gap. The annual production capacity is 20,000 tons.

Aluminum Adhesive Foil

Stable product performance


We have mature technology and perfect equipments for best products. We can product tape foil with the width of 200-1400mm and the thickness of 0.016-0.4mm. The products are characterized by stable performance, high purity, anodized surface and resistance of oxidation.

Aluminum Adhesive Foil

Efficient Slitting Machine


The application of profibus_dp, bus communication technology accelerating signal transmission and reduce the failure rate. A good plate shape can be guaranteed with the application of full hydraulic control, high precision pressure sensor and servo valve.

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