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Air Conditioner Foil

Aluminum air conditioner foil has many features, such as high corrosion resistance, no pollution, high heat exchange efficiency, no noise.

  • Aluminum Air Conditioner Foil
  • Aluminum Air Conditioner Foil
  • Aluminum Air Conditioner Foil
  • Aluminum Air Conditioner Foil
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Product Introduction


3 xxx


H22  H24  H26




8 xxx


Aluminum foil for air conditioner can extend conditioner’s lifespan, reduce power consuming, and improve refrigeration efficiency.So it is usually used as different plate for heat exchangers. We mainly supply 3xxx Series and 8xxx Series. And the typical alloy are 3102, 8011, etc.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum Air Conditioner Foil

Andrreas Plate Shape Roller


The company adopotes Andrreas plate shape roller, which is introduced from Zhuo Shen LTD. It is very advanced and appropriate to gurantee perfect plate shape.  In machinery, full hydraulic control, together with pressure sensor and servo valve, makes it possible to realize accurate roll gap. The annual production capacity is 20,000 tons.

Aluminum Air Conditioner Foil

Furnace Equipments


The higest working temperature is 650℃; the temperature difference is under 5℃; the annealing temperature varies from 120℃ to 580℃; the metal temperature difference is under 3℃, all of these improve product quality and product technology level.

Aluminum Air Conditioner Foil

Smooth and Fine Surface

Through a pure mechanical principle, this machine can solve all kinds of problems that related to slab surface, lower surface roughness, making the appreance beautiful. The processed slab has smooth and fine surface.

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