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Container Foil

As a new style deliver vessel, aluminum foil containers feature with lightweight, shading, anti-corrosion and long expiration date.

  • Aluminum Container Foil
  • Aluminum Container Foil
  • Aluminum Container Foil
  • Aluminum Container Foil
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Product Introduction


3 xxx


H22  H24




5 xxx


8 xxx


The inner coating of containers can separate food and aluminum completely, which is hygiene and lives up to people’s modern concept. We mainly supply aluminum foil containers of 3xxx Series, 5xxx Series as well as 8xxx Series. And the typical alloy are 3003, 5052, 8011, etc.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum Container Foil

Andrreas Plate Shape Roller


The company adopotes Andrreas plate shape roller, which is introduced from Zhuo Shen LTD. It is very advanced and appropriate to gurantee perfect plate shape.  In machinery, full hydraulic control, together with pressure sensor and servo valve, makes it possible to realize accurate roll gap. The annual production capacity is 20,000 tons.

Aluminum Container Foil

Slitting Machin with High Performance


The company adopts high performance slitting machine. The using of profibus_dp bus communication, contributes to a fast signal transmission, high accuracy, low failure rate and strong anti-interference ability; trasmision adopts Siemons all-digital direct current speed regulation, to realize high presice control of tension.

Aluminum Container Foil

International Production Line

The first and only one international production line in China is researched and developed by ourselves, with high precision integrated plate type crown control system to improve quality. Moreover,  continues casting and rolling  improves the annual production to 450,000 tons, which is a big breakthrough.

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