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Household Foil

Aluminum household foil is used vastly in our daily life, such as cooking, freezing, packaging, baking, etc.

  • Aluminum Household Foil
  • Aluminum Household Foil
  • Aluminum Household Foil
  • Aluminum Household Foil
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Product Introduction

3 xxx 3003 H111  H12  H14  H16  H18  H22  H24  H26  H28 0.01-0.2 300-1100 coil
5 xxx 5052
8 xxx 8011  8021  8079

Aluminum household foil is the ideal material for hygienic food contact and general food packaging purposes. Aluminum foil provides a total barrier to light, odor and moisture, thus making it ideal for the protection of sensitive food during cooking and storage.

Typical Applications

Processes & Equipment

Aluminum Household Foil

Accurate Thickness Control

The company adopts international classic Siemons and ABB control system, guranteeing accurate thickness, stable performance and controlled plate pattern.On March 2014, our product obtained SGS certificated authority of ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification after strict auditing.

Aluminum Household Foil

Furnace Equipments


The higest working temperature is 650℃; the temperature difference is under 5℃; the annealing temperature varies from 120℃ to 580℃; the metal temperature difference is under 3℃, all of these improve product quality and product technology level.

Aluminum Household Foil

Smooth and Fine Surface

Through a pure mechanical principle, this machine can solve all kinds of problems that related to slab surface, lower surface roughness, making the appreance beautiful. The processed slab has smooth and fine surface.

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