1060-O aluminum coil for radiator shell

2023-10-23 15:49:36

The radiator shell is one of the important components of the radiator. Its main function is to protect the internal heat dissipation components and strengthen the structure of the entire radiator. The raw material is 1060 aluminum coil, which has good elongation and tensile strength and can meet conventional requirements. Stamping, drawing, high formability.

Using 1060 aluminum coils to make radiator shells can quickly conduct the heat inside the electronic device to the surface of the shell, and then dissipate the heat through natural convection or forced air cooling, thereby achieving the purpose of rapid heat dissipation. 1060 aluminum coils have good processability and can be shaped into various shapes to meet different design needs.

1060-O aluminum coil for radiator shell

Compared with other metal materials, the density of 1060 aluminum coils is lower, which makes the radiator shell lighter, helping to reduce the weight of the entire device and making it easier to handle and install. While meeting the performance requirements, 1060 aluminum coils also meet the requirements of green environmental protection and have a high recycling rate. These characteristics make 1060 aluminum coil an ideal choice for making radiator housings.

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum plate, strip and foil manufacturer. The 1060 aluminum coils it produces for radiator shells stand out in the market, mainly due to its excellent performance and stable quality. This product has good thermal conductivity and can meet the needs of efficient heat dissipation of radiators; at the same time, its lightweight and easy processing characteristics also meet the stringent requirements of radiators for automobiles, computers and other equipment. In addition, Mingtai Aluminum also has strong capabilities in product customization, and can customize aluminum plates and strips of different specifications and thicknesses according to customer needs to meet customers’ individual needs.

1060 aluminum coil manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum has won the trust and support of customers with its advanced production technology, strict quality control and excellent product performance, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many large enterprises. With the continuous development of automobile, computer and other industries, the market demand for 1060 aluminum coils for radiator casings is also continuing to grow.