Many customers will introduce Mingtai Aluminum to their friends, not only because of our product quality, but also because of our service.

Mingtai Aluminum has a professional business team to serve you and answer questions for customers. From product production to customer receipt of the product, we will promptly solve any customer dissatisfaction. Mingtai Aluminum has won sincere praise from customers.

  • Customization

    Aluminum products customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Quality control

    Our factories have strict quality control processes in place to ensure that our products meet high standards. This include quality testing and inspections throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Competitive pricing

    Our factories offer competitive pricing for aluminum products. Due to our efficient manufacturing processes and economies of scale to keep prices low.

  • Quick turnaround times

    Our factories can produce and deliver aluminum products quickly. Automated manufacturing processes and efficient logistics systems guarantee this.

  • Technical support

    Mingtai Aluminum offer technical support for their aluminum products. This include assistance with product design and maintenance.

  • Environmental sustainability

    The recycled aluminum can help reduce 94 % carbon emission. Mingtai is the first one in China to produce aluminum products with recycled aluminum, we learned the technology from Novelis and invest 900 million dollars for this project.