1060 aluminum coil for battery link sheet

2023-09-27 16:16:10

With the continuous development of science and technology, battery technology has been widely used in various electronic products, mechanical equipment and other fields. The battery link is a key part of the battery assembly, and its quality and performance have an important impact on the entire system. As a highly conductive, lightweight, and easy-to-process material, 1060 aluminum coils are widely used in the battery manufacturing industry and make a great contribution to improving battery performance and reducing manufacturing costs.

Introduction to 1060 aluminum coil for battery link sheets

The 1060 aluminum coil used for battery link sheets is pure aluminum with an aluminum content of 99.6%. It has many unique advantages in the field of battery soft connections. First of all, its light weight and low density are beneficial to reducing the overall weight of the battery, which is in line with the trend of lightweight modern products. Secondly, 1060 aluminum coil has excellent toughness and is easy to be processed into various complex shapes, making it convenient for mass production. In addition, the mature production process of 1060 aluminum coils is conducive to reducing the overall manufacturing cost of batteries and improving market competitiveness.

With the continuous development of new energy energy storage technology, 1060 aluminum coil will continue to play an important role in the future battery manufacturing industry and make greater contributions to the advancement of new energy energy storage technology.

Strength of 1060 aluminum coil manufacturer for battery link sheets

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing. It has strong comprehensive strength. The company attaches great importance to the expansion of products in the fields of new energy and automobile lightweighting. The manufacturer supplies 1060 aluminum coil strips for battery soft connections. During the production process, it strictly controls the selection of raw materials, production processes and quality control, and introduces advanced rolling equipment and production technology. Through precise control of process parameters, it makes The product has excellent mechanical properties and stability. At the same time, the company has large-scale production capabilities and occupies an important position in the aluminum processing industry.