3003 H14 aluminum sheets for building roofs to UAE

2023-10-06 16:46:12

Mingtai Aluminum, a leading Chinese aluminum sheet producer, recently won an order from a major company in UAE for 3003 H14 aluminum sheets. The sheet will be used to produce building exterior walls and roofs.

The order includes 39 metric tons of 3003 H14 aluminum sheets 2mm X 2000mmX5000mm. 3003 aluminum sheet is characterized by its excellent corrosion resistance, high formability, and good strength-to-weight ratio, making it a versatile choice for applications in construction, food packaging, electronics, automotive components, and manufacturing industries.

“We selected Mingtai Aluminum for their high product quality, competitive pricing and reputation for on-time delivery,” said the packaging company’s purchasing manager. “Their technical know-how ensures 3003 H14 aluminum sheet meets our stringent requirements for production and adherence to standards.”

He noted that Mingtai’s worldwide certifications and vertically integrated supply chain provide peace of mind on compliance, traceability and consistent quality—critical factors for companies in regulated industries.

The purchasing manager described Mingtai as a valued partner due to their customer-centric approach and willingness to customize sheet properties based on end-use. “They understand our priorities and specifications, allowing us to meet demanding customer needs with products suited to purpose,” he said. According to him, the 3003 H14 aluminum sheet order demonstrates Mingtai’s capability and reliability supporting businesses in strategic growth sectors through high-performance, affordable materials and collaborative problem-solving.

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