3003 aluminum coils for pressure vessels export to Mexico

2023-09-06 16:47:12

Last week, Mingtai Al. sent a shipment of 22 tons of 3003 aluminum coils to Mexico. The customer plans to utilize these coils for pressure vessel applications.

Renowned as one of the most commonly specified alloys in the aluminum industry, 3003 aluminum coils are often referred to as “Common Alloys”. This alloy primarily consists of Manganese (Mn), along with Silicon, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, and Zinc.

With its inherent qualities, 3003 is known for its good corrosion resistance, workability, and drawing capabilities. It has moderate strength and is weldable. Its versatility allows for applications such as cooking utensils, food containers, chemical equipment, pressure vessels, general sheet metal fabrication, hardware, tanks, and cabinets.

When it comes to cost, the pricing of 3003 aluminum may be slightly lower per ton compared to the 5000 series, although the higher density of 3003 should be taken into account. To calculate the weight of an aluminum sheet, the following formula can be used: Decimal thickness * width * length * density = aluminum sheet weight.