3003 aluminum uses

2023-06-05 17:20:50

3003 aluminum uses for batteries

One of the uses of 3003 aluminum is the casing for the battery.

With the development of new energy vehicles, the demand for power batteries has increased. As the carrier of the battery module, the battery case plays a key role in the stable operation and safety protection of the battery module. The battery case is required to have certain strength, rigidity, and collision safety. 3003 aluminum alloy is widely used in battery case materials because of its easy forming, excellent comprehensive machining performance, good corrosion resistance, light specific gravity, moderate strength and strong anti-knock ability.

Advantages of 3003 aluminum uses for batteries

As the key to protecting the battery system, the power battery case has high requirements on the comprehensive performance of the raw materials. The 3003-h14 aluminum plate belongs to the aluminum-manganese series alloy, which meets the performance requirements of the battery case material.

  • The power battery case is formed by stamping, which has a large amount of deformation, many stamping processes, complex process, precise mold design, and belongs to asymmetric box stamping. The performance of the material is one of the basic conditions for the success of stamping. It is required to have good deep-drawing performance, and the mechanical properties must be stable within a strict range.
  • In order to effectively protect the internal battery structure, the power battery case must have sufficient strength and hardness on the premise of ensuring the necessary plasticity.
  • In order to adapt to various use environments and ensure the service life of the battery, the materials used for the power battery casemust have good corrosion resistance and chemical stability.

3003 aluminum uses is a suitable battery housing material

The battery case involves body systems and electrical safety, and is a key component of new energy vehicles. The 3003 aluminum alloy material has the advantages of low density and soft material, and has the advantages of easy overall drawing and forming of the aluminum case of the power battery. Compared with the stainless steel case, the lightweight advantage is obvious, and it has been used by many enterprises for battery packaging.

The choice of material for battery casing fabrication is critical. There are many manufacturers producing 3003 aluminum sheets in the market. When choosing, everyone should pay attention to the size of the manufacturer, production equipment, product quality, delivery time and after-sales service. On the whole, Mingtai Aluminum is worth choosing.

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