3004 aluminum foil for decoration

2023-09-21 17:27:26

Aluminum foil can be used as decorative material

As we all know, aluminum foil is a commonly used packaging material. It is widely used in the packaging field because of its excellent sealing and ductility. In addition, it also has a silvery white luster and can be used as decorative foil. The more commonly used aluminum foil alloys include 1100 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, etc.

Information about decorative foils

Decorative foil is a decorative material applied in the form of aluminum-plastic composite. It takes advantage of the characteristics of aluminum foil with good colorability and high light and heat reflectivity. It is mainly used for decoration of buildings, furniture and some gift box packaging. The application of decorative foils in my country’s construction industry began in the 1990s and spread rapidly from central cities to all parts of the country, with demand increasing sharply. It is generally used as a decorative material for the inner walls of buildings and indoor furniture, and is also widely used in the facades and interior decoration of commercial institutions.

In order to cater to market development and family living’s pursuit of environmental protection and health, consumers have more decoration options, cost savings, and better material recycling for the social environment. Mingtai technical staff optimized the technology and improved the product to effectively adapt to various interior and exterior material requirements. In response to market changes, end customers have increased product requirements, and competition in the same industry is fierce. To meet more market needs, we specially launched high-strength 3 series aluminum Alloy materials are used in the field of decoration, and 3004 aluminum foil is used for decoration.

3004 aluminum foil price for decorative foil

3004 aluminum foil for decorative foil is an aluminum-manganese alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Compared with 3003 alloy, it has higher strength, good ductility, relatively low price and cost, high recycling performance, and meets the requirements of green environmental protection.

Mingtai Aluminum has long been supplying large quantities of 1100 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, etc. for decorative foils. It can be customized and produced on demand. The products have good plate shapes and clean surfaces without debris. The company adopts a direct sales model, and the ex-factory price is more advantageous.