3004 aluminum plate for metal roof

2023-12-01 11:24:07

Aluminum curtain walls and aluminum alloy roofs are common in many buildings, and are mostly made of 3004 aluminum plates. The wide application of aluminum alloys in the construction industry has played an important role in the development of modern buildings in the direction of comfort, lightness, durability, economy, and environmental protection. effect.

Introduction to 3004 aluminum plate for metal exterior

3004 aluminum plate is a commonly used building material. It belongs to the AL-Mn series alloy and is a widely used anti-rust aluminum. It has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. Its strength is higher than that of 3003 aluminum plate. It is usually used in applications with requirements higher than 3003. alloys in components with higher strength.

3004 aluminum plate is an environmentally friendly material. 3004 aluminum plate is used for exterior walls and roofs. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight and durability, earthquake resistance and fire prevention, rich color, easy installation, corrosion resistance and long service life. It is now widely used in industrial and civil buildings. , warehouses, special buildings, house roofs, walls and interior and exterior wall decoration.

3004 aluminum plate manufacturer

3004 aluminum plate is one of the representative products of aluminum-magnesium-manganese aluminum plate. Mingtai Aluminum can produce ultra-wide 3004 aluminum plate with a width of up to 2600mm, excellent formability and good corrosion resistance. The price of 3004 aluminum plate is composed of the market price of aluminum ingots plus processing fees. The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates to a certain extent every day, and the quotation is not fixed. In addition, different manufacturers have different material selection standards, manufacturing levels, sales models and other factors, and the quotations for products with the same specifications are also uneven. Users can shop around, compare multiple options, and choose the one that suits them.

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale direct-selling aluminum plate manufacturer. We can customize production according to user needs. We have a variety of models and specifications of products for you to choose from. They are of high quality and competitive prices. You can consult for details.