3104 VS 3004 composition differences

2023-06-29 16:45:58

Both 3104 aluminum plate and 3004 aluminum plate are 3-series alloy products, which are 3-series aluminum-magnesium-manganese plates. They are widely used in lamp head materials, shutters, and coated coils. 3104 VS 3004, the alloy composition is different, the performance is different, consult the aluminum plate manufacturer.

Introduction of 3104 aluminum sheet coil

3104 aluminum plate has proper elongation, good corrosion resistance, and good processing performance, and can be smelted and processed into different hardness states according to different needs. 3104 alloy aluminum coil is widely used in many fields of our life, such as aluminum in the construction industry, can packaging industry, electronic and electrical industry, etc.

3104 aluminum alloy chemical composition:

Aluminum Al (smaller value) balance

Silicon Si: ≤0.50

Iron Fe: ≤0.7

Copper Cu: ≤0.10

Manganese Mn: 0.9~1.5

Magnesium Mg: ≤0.30

Chromium Cr: ≤0.1

3004 aluminum sheet roll introduction

3004 aluminum plate has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance, and it needs to have good formability, high corrosion resistance and good weldability for processing parts.

Alloy composition of 3004 aluminum plate

Aluminum Al: balance;

Silicon Si: 0.30;

Copper Cu: 0.25;

Magnesium Mg: 0.8~1.3;

Zinc Zn: 0.25;

Manganese Mn: 1.0~1.5;

Fe: 0.7;

Others: 0.05

3104 VS 3004-Mingtai Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum has more than 20 years of processing and production experience. It produces 3 series of aluminum magnesium manganese coils with high market sales. The product alloys include 3003 aluminum plate, 3004 aluminum plate, 3104 aluminum plate, 3105 aluminum plate, 3005 aluminum plate, 3a21 aluminum plate and so on. The thickness of the product is 0.5-500mm, and the width can reach 2600mm. The products are widely used in aluminum alloy lamp head materials, shutters, coating rolls, roof panels, corrugated boards, cake trays, antenna pot materials, etc., and accept large orders with affordable prices.