• Mingtai5052 marine aluminum plate

    Introduction of 5052 marine aluminum platey

    The 5052 alloy aluminum plate is an al-MG alloy, and it is also a widely used rust-proof aluminum plate in life. The 5052 aluminum aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum is on a computer, fuel tank, and car. It has achieved a lot of achievements on the board. Mingtai Aluminum can produce aluminum plate products according to different needs of customers. The ships produced by Henan Mingtai Aluminum have CCS and ABS international certification, with excellent quality and quality. Henan Mingtai Aluminum 5052 aluminum plate has sold 1,000,000 tons so far, becoming one of the “star products” of Mingtai.

  • 5052 anti -rust aluminum -magnesium aluminum

    Light weight

    5052 anti -rust aluminum -magnesium aluminum aluminum plate composition is mainly aluminum -magnesium alloy. This alloy has high strength, especially with high anti -fatigue strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance. During the hardening, the plasticity is low, the corrosion resistance is good, the weldability is good, the cutting performance is poor, and it can be polished. The main use of 5052 anti -rust aluminum -magnesium aluminum plate is to require high plasticity and good welding properties. Low load parts working in liquid or gas media, such as fuel tanks, small load -making parts made of deeply, are also commonly used for transportation vehicles. Ship’s sheet metal pieces, hardware products, electrical shells, etc.

  • The main requirements for customers for 5052 boat aluminum plates are usually the following points

    There are no cracks, corrosive spots and salt marks on the surface.

  • The main requirements for customers for 5052 shipbuilding aluminum plates/h4>

    On the surface, there is no depth of peeling, bubbles, surface thickness, and local mechanical damage that does not exceed the size of the wall thickness, but the deficiency depth cannot exceed 0.5mm, and the total area of defects does not exceed 5%of the total area of the plate.

  • The main requirements for customers for 5052 marine aluminum plates

    The supplier is allowed to light up the surface of the material to the surface smoothly.

    The main requirements for customers for 5052 marine aluminum plates

    Other requirements: You can draw it yourself according to customer needs.

Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum in the production of 5052 marine aluminum plates

Innovation -driven development

Mingtai Aluminum has always adhered to the guidelines for innovation -driven development, and strived to grasp the pulse of the times, and finally became a pioneer in the aluminum product manufacturing industry.

Over the years, Mingtai Aluminum has continued to innovate and improve product processing technology and level with the rapid development of science and technology. Today, products produced by Mingtai Aluminum have been sold well in many countries and regions at home and abroad.

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Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum in the production of 5052 marine aluminum plates

Focus on making aluminum

At present, the level of technological development is continuously accelerating, and market competition is becoming more and more intense. Only with a sense of awe and professionalism, we have worked hard to make products. Otherwise, it will be eliminated by the market and abandoned by consumers.

Focusing on aluminum materials is the responsibility of Mingtai aluminum industry. Mingtai engineers in -depth production of the front line, more detailed understanding of user needs, and continuously developing and designing products with more high quality and more suitable user needs.

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Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum in the production of 5052 marine aluminum plates

Steady service

Mingtai aluminum products are relatively complete, and also have technical engineers teams, which can be customized on demand in accordance with the actual needs of users.

Mingtai Aluminum always sets up for users to think, providing users with full -process, integration, housekeeper service. Each order consulted from pre -sale to after -sales delivery. We will follow up to ensure that users can receive the goods safely. , I think, thoughtful, more trustworthy.

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  • Innovation -driven development
  • Focus on making aluminum
  • Steady service