5083-O Aluminum plate for LNG storage tank

2023-09-14 15:58:28

With the continuous development of the LNG industry, domestic and foreign countries are vigorously promoting the construction of LNG infrastructure. At present, fully-contained LNG storage tanks are the mainstream form today. Its structure is a double-layer structure. The outer tank includes a tank bottom, a tank wall and a tank top, and the inner wall is equipped with a moisture-proof shielding liner. The inner tank of the full-containment LNG storage tank is mostly made of 06Ni9DR low-temperature steel plate, and an aluminum alloy ceiling is set above the inner tank to install insulation materials on the ceiling.

The storage temperature of LNG is relatively low, which places high requirements on the material and sealing properties of the container. 5083-O aluminum plate has high toughness at low temperatures and is widely used as raw material for large and medium-sized storage tanks for liquefied natural gas transportation and transportation, low-temperature storage tanks, etc.

LNG storage tank aluminum alloy 5083 aluminum plate

5083 aluminum plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy with good corrosion resistance and processability, high specific strength, excellent formability, and easy surface treatment. It is mainly used as ceiling material in LNG storage tanks. It is not only light in weight, easy to construct and install, but also processing Good performance and high safety.

Mingtai Aluminum supplies 5083 aluminum plates for LNG storage tanks with O temper, and specifications can be customized according to requirements. The company has a strict inspection system, professional production equipment, and experienced employees to ensure that the product performance meets the requirements. At present, we have cooperated with many companies, and the customer feedback is good. The quality of Mingtai products is trustworthy.

Introduction to the strength of Mingtai Aluminum manufacturers

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