5182 plates for road tanker manufacture

2023-05-25 15:59:52

Aluminum has been used in automobiles for a long time, especially with the development of lightweight automobiles. As a light metal material, aluminum is corrosion-resistant, easy to process, high in strength, good in carrying capacity, good in heat dissipation, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The advantages of utilization are gradually reflected, and the development potential in the automotive field is huge. 5182 plates for road tanker manufacture have become a common application. 5182 aluminum sheet is widely used in automobiles.

Advantages of 5182 aluminum plate for road tanker manufacture

  • Lighter weight

The density of aluminum is only 1/3 of that of steel. The use of aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the vehicle body, thereby reducing fuel consumption and achieving the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

  • Good corrosion resistance

A dense aluminum oxide film can be formed on the surface of the aluminum alloy, thereby preventing the aluminum alloy from reacting with the outside. Aluminum alloys are more corrosion resistant than steel sheets.

  • High security

Aluminum alloy has a certain toughness and can absorb energy through deformation and shrinkage. Good absorption allows for better energy release during a collision, thus protecting the driver.

  • Recyclable

Aluminum is not only rich in reserves, but also has high recyclable value.

How is the quality of Mingtai 5182 aluminum plate

Aluminum alloy materials have broad market prospects and are in line with the current international development trend of energy saving and environmental protection in automobile production. They have been widely used in heavy trucks, buses and other vehicles, and are occupying the fuel tank market at a relatively fast speed. Mingtai Aluminum has been supplying 5182 plates for road tanker manufacture for a long time, which is welcomed by the market for its excellent performance and reasonable price. The processing thickness of 5182 aluminum plate is 0.15-500mm, the width is 100-2600mm, and the length is 500-16000mm. Production can be customized according to requirements, and relevant standards are strictly implemented. The product quality is excellent and the performance is stable.