5454 aluminum plate for tank truck baffle

2023-12-20 15:55:11

The baffle of the tank truck is an important component in the design of the tank truck. Its main function is to reduce the fluctuation and impact of the liquid inside the tank and improve the driving stability of the tank truck. In addition to oil tank trucks, sprinkler trucks or chemical liquid transport trucks also have baffles inside. 5454 aluminum plate is used for tanker baffles.

5454 aluminum plate for tank truck baffle

The material selection of the baffle is very important. The material used must have the characteristics of high strength, good corrosion resistance, and excellent shockproof performance. Common materials include steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic, etc. Among them, aluminum alloy materials are lightweight, durable and have high toughness, so they are favored by the market. Generally, 5454 aluminum alloy is the main one.

5454 aluminum plate is an aluminum alloy material with medium strength, good weldability and processability. It has superior corrosion resistance, good plasticity and formability, and is mostly used in fields such as welded structures, pressure vessels, ship and marine facility pipelines, and tank truck barrels.

Application and advantages of 5454 aluminum plate in tank truck baffle

  1. Lightweight design: The density of 5454 aluminum plate is low, about 2.7 grams/cubic centimeter, which makes the baffle made of 5454 aluminum plate lighter in weight, helping to reduce the overall weight of the tank truck and improve transportation efficiency.
  2. Excellent corrosion resistance: Since 5454 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, it can effectively prevent safety hazards caused by corrosion during use and improve the safety of tank trucks.
  3. Good processability: 5454 aluminum plate is easy to process, and baffles of various shapes and sizes can be produced through stamping, cutting and other methods to meet the design needs of different tank trucks.
  4. Easy to recycle: Aluminum is a recyclable material. Baffles made of 5454 aluminum plates can be recycled and reused after scrap, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection.

5454 aluminum plate has shown excellent performance in the design and application of tank truck baffles. As the requirements for safety and efficiency in the industrial field continue to increase, 5454 aluminum plate will be more widely used in future tank truck manufacturing. application.

5454 aluminum plate manufacturer

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