8011 HO aluminum foil for milk powder lid

2023-09-29 15:47:32

8011 HO aluminum foil is a favored option for various packaging needs because of its exceptional barrier characteristics, superior strength, and user-friendly nature. Among its many applications, it’s widely employed as a lid for milk powder cans. In this article, we’ll delve into the attributes of 8011 HO aluminum foil and its appropriateness as a lid for milk powder containers.

8011 HO aluminum foil, composed of aluminum alloy with minor traces of elements like iron, silicon, and copper, is renowned for its exceptional barrier characteristics. These attributes render it an ideal choice for packaging purposes, while its remarkable strength renders it suitable for applications that demand high endurance.

The widely utilized aluminum foil, specifically 8011 HO grade, measures 0.036-0.055 mm in thickness and 360-620 mm in width. This foil is commonly employed as a lid for milk powder containers. Its ample thickness serves as an efficient shield against moisture and light, effectively preserving the milk powder’s quality.

When it comes to choosing a lid material for milk powder containers, 8011 HO aluminum foil stands out for its exceptional attributes. Its impressive foil barrier performance not only safeguards the milk powder from moisture and light but also ensures the lid’s durability, making it resilient to the demands of regular usage.

Aluminum foil offers both flexibility in shaping and the ability to be customized to match the milk powder can’s lid perfectly. Moreover, its printability simplifies the process of branding and labeling the packaging.

To sum up, 8011 HO aluminum foil stands out as an ideal choice for milk powder lid applications owing to its exceptional barrier properties, impressive strength, and user-friendly attributes. Typically ranging in size from 0.036 to 0.055 mm in thickness and 360 to 620 mm in width, this variant of 8011 HO aluminum foil effectively shields against moisture and light, preserving the milk powder’s quality. It is advisable to engage in a manufacturer consultation to confirm suitability for your unique requirements and to conduct price comparisons among different suppliers to secure the most favorable terms.