Affordable Wholesale blister packaging aluminium foil

2023-03-29 16:18:35

Aluminium blister foil suitable for hard packing of medical and pharmaceutical products such as pills, capsules, and tablets. The aluminium foil usually has a thickness of 25-28micron. It is heat seal coated on the bright side and print-treat coated on the matte side. All coatings are food safe, eco-friendly nature and meet USDA & FDA requirements for direct contact with food or pharmaceuticals.

Our customers in the pharmaceutical industry choose our heat seal aluminum foils for blister packaging because these materials are:

Moisture Resistant

High Quality



Cost Effective

Both effective and economical, blister packaging is ideal for purity, security, portability and convenience. Typically used with a printed card, this foil can display the full visual appeal of your product. It can also protect it throughout its journey from factory to shelf to home, from threats like UV rays, humidity and contamination. Opaque blisters also protect light-sensitive products against UV rays. See what heat seal aluminum foils can do for you.

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