Alloy 1100 used in the manufacture of fins for oil coolers

2024-07-10 15:38:08

Alloy 1100 used in the manufacture of fins for oil coolers is gaining prominence in industrial applications, renowned for its excellent thermal conductivity and lightweight properties. This alloy plays a crucial role in enhancing heat dissipation efficiency in various cooling systems.

Alloy 1100 Coil Sheet: Specifications and Variants

Alloy 1100 coil sheet is characterized by its high purity and superior corrosion resistance, making it ideal for applications requiring thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Available in various thicknesses from 0.2mm to 8mm and widths up to 2650mm, it caters to diverse manufacturing needs.

Properties and Features

Known for its softness and ductility, Alloy 1100 coil sheet is easily workable into intricate shapes, essential for manufacturing fins in oil coolers. Its high thermal conductivity ensures efficient heat transfer, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of cooling systems.

Applications in Cooling Systems

Alloy 1100 is extensively used in the production of fins for oil coolers due to its ability to withstand corrosion from oils and coolants while maintaining structural integrity under varying temperatures. It also finds applications in air conditioning units and heat exchangers, where thermal efficiency is critical.

Alloy 1100 used in the manufacture of fins for oil coolers

Advantages of Alloy 1100 Coil Sheet

Apart from its thermal and electrical conductivity, Alloy 1100 offers a favorable strength-to-weight ratio, enhancing the durability and cost-effectiveness of manufactured components. Its ease of machining and forming capabilities further simplify the production process, reducing operational complexities.

Choosing Mingtai Aluminum for Alloy 1100 Coil Sheet

Mingtai Aluminum emerges as a trusted supplier of Alloy 1100 coil sheet, recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation. With advanced production facilities and adherence to global standards, Mingtai Aluminum ensures reliability and precision in every coil sheet.

Quality Assurance and Technical Expertise

Mingtai Aluminum maintains rigorous quality controls throughout the manufacturing process, from raw material selection to final inspection, ensuring that each Alloy 1100 coil sheet meets stringent specifications. This dedication guarantees consistent performance and customer satisfaction.

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