• Aluminum coil/sheet for beverage bottle caps

    Aluminum is a common material for beverage bottle caps

    Aluminum beverage bottle caps are made of high-quality special aluminum alloy materials and are mainly used for the packaging of wine and beverages (with or without steam), and can meet special requirements such as high-temperature cooking and sterilization. At present, about 50% of beverage bottle caps in my country use aluminum cap materials. Compared with plastic bottle caps, aluminum bottle caps not only have better performance, but also have low cost, no pollution, and can be recycled.

  • Information on Aluminum coil/ sheet for Beverage Bottle Caps

    Aluminum coil/sheet base material for beverage bottle caps

    Manufacturer type: manufacturer of aluminum coil/sheet raw materials for beverage bottle caps (does not do post-processing such as compounding, printing, gluing, etc., only provides aluminum basic materials)

    Thickness: 0.012-0.5mm Width: 100-1600mm Material temper: H13, H14, H16, H18 Application fields: packaging of alcoholic beverages and beverages (with or without steam).

  • Performance of 8011 aluminum coil/sheet for beverage bottle caps

    The aluminum coil pattern is flat, the surface of the board is clean, and the color is relatively uniform;

    Hygiene is guaranteed, no spots, no voids; It has good moisture resistance, strong barrier ability and light shading performance;

    Excellent mechanical properties, high blast resistance, strong puncture and tear resistance;

    Non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic, clean after degreasing;

    Water brushing grade A, low ear removal rate, high cup convexity, high aluminum coil strength, and good airtightness After compounding, printing and gluing aluminum coil can be widely used as packaging materials.

  • 8011 H18 cap material

    8011 H18 bottle cap material, this temper is mainly applied to stamping shallow caps, and casting and rolling can be used. Its process: cold rolling-coil rolling-stretch bending straightening-slitting-packaging and other processes, does not require annealing treatment, so in the production process, the time period is the shortest, of course, the price is also the cheapest.

  • 8011 H16 bottle cap material

    The 8011 H16 bottle cap material process is completed through multiple processes such as cold rolling—foil rolling annealing thickness—annealing—foil rolling finished product—stretch bending straightening—slitting. After the finished roll is produced, it needs to go through multiple processes such as cutting, painting, drying, multiple stamping, and anti-counterfeiting marks, etc., to finally produce qualified bottle cap materials. 8011 H16 bottle cap material is still slightly different in the production process, due to different stretching requirements, there are differences in annealing.

Mingtai Aluminum Production Capacity and Advantages

Production capacity is large

The (1+4) hot continuous rolling production line independently developed in China has an international leading technology level. The high-precision integrated plate crown control system greatly improves product quality; the continuous casting and rolling production line improves production capacity.

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Mingtai Aluminum Production Capacity and Advantages

Excellent products quality

The product is simple in shape, well-made, extremely strong in sealing, low in cost, pollution-free, and recyclable. At the same time, it meets the requirements of high-temperature cooking and sterilization of wine, beverages, and medical and health care products.

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Mingtai Aluminum Production Capacity and Advantages

The clean and hygienic surface

The product is flat, with high surface gloss and good alkali cleaning effect, which can reach the A level of water brushing test. The end surface of the aluminum strip is flat, without defects such as parabolic lines and collapse lines.

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  • Production capacity is large
  • Excellent products quality
  • The clean and hygienic surface

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8011 aluminum coil/sheet





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