Aluminum foil manufacturer in Thailand

2023-05-31 13:39:46

Aluminum foil manufacturer in Thailand

Aluminum foil consumption level has become an important indicator of the level of economic development of a country. In the electronics industry, aluminum foil is used to make the heating element of condenser and condenser and cable shield. In the mechanical and electrical industry, aluminum foil is the preferred material for heat exchanger fin. In the packaging industry, aluminum foil is an important packaging material for food, medicine, cigarettes, chemicals, aluminum foil more and more involved in modern production and life. aluminum foil manufacturer in Tailand will introduce to you , The most common are the following:

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil in Thailand

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil applications mainly include water, injection of easy open type cap and medicinal inhibits PTP aluminum foil, because inhibits PTP aluminum foil has the advantages of moisture, easy to carry and safety and health, is very extensive application in the pharmaceutical industry.

Decorative aluminum foil in Tailand

The decorative aluminum foil has the advantages of good color and high photo thermal reflectivity. Decorative aluminum foil has the advantages of heat insulation, moisture proof, sound insulation, fire prevention and easy cleaning. In the construction industry continues to spread, the growing demand for decorative aluminum foil.

Electrolytic aluminum foil in Tailand

Electrolytic capacitor with aluminum foil is a polar work under the conditions of corrosion material, the demand for aluminum foil is quite high.The aluminum foil is divided into three kinds: cathode foil, thickness of 0.015mm-0.06mm; high pressure foil, thickness of 0.065mm-0.l mm, requires the production of aluminum foil with high purity aluminum; low voltage foil, thickness of 0.06mm-0.l mm. With the development of electronic industry, the market demand of electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil is very broad.

Container aluminum foil in Tailand

container aluminum foil for home, restaurants and food stores as a high temperature cooking materials or packaging materials, in developed countries, a large demand, good market prospects. Our container aluminum foil uses 3004 aluminum alloy, which is a better performance Good and cheaper aluminum alloy. Today, more customers will choose this aluminum alloy.