Aluminum sheets for trailer price

2023-06-21 16:52:01

Aluminum sheets for trailer price depends on itself

In fact, the aluminum sheets for trailer price depends on itself, but it is divided into many aspects. Aluminum sheets for trailer are aluminum sheets for trailers. We need to understand aluminum sheets for trailer first.

If you have known aluminum sheet for trailers before, you should know that in the past, the raw material of trailers was not aluminum, but steel. However, after use, the disadvantages of steel materials will be found, which are relatively easy to rust and corrode, which directly leads to greatly shortening the service life of the trailer. Nowadays, aluminum alloy, a metal material, has basic characteristics of corrosion resistance and excellent rust resistance, as well as good oxidation resistance. This is why it can replace steel. In addition, aluminum has a very important feature. Aluminum is lighter, so aluminum can be used in trailers. There are many types of aluminum sheets for trailers, which can be color-coated aluminum, 4×8 aluminum sheets for trailers, or checker plates for anti-skid.

Aluminum sheets for trailer price is related to thickness

The aluminum sheets for trailer are available in different thicknesses and colors. Commonly used thicknesses are .024, .030, .040, and sometimes .050. Considering the cost, many manufacturers recommend that you use .024 aluminum, while providing a thicker thickness.

The thickness of .024 is relatively thin, and bending or creases may occur if installed. You need to be aware of this problem and should consider whether to increase your budget to choose thicker specifications.

If your trailer is 12 inches or more taller than a normal trailer, it is recommended that you no longer consider the thickness of .024, but consider using thicker aluminum sheets with a thickness of at least 0.030 or more.

What are the adverse effects of too thin external sheet metal? Waves may appear on the outside of the trailer wall. To avoid this problem, please carefully consider the thickness of the aluminum sheet metal you want to buy.

Aluminum sheets for trailer price is related to processing

Color coated. Color coated provides high durability both outdoors and indoors. Color coated aluminum sheets for trailer are uniquely designed to provide a hard, wear-resistant coating, and are flexible for a wide range of molding and processing. Usually made of 3105 H14 aluminum produced by Mingtai. Basic properties such as corrosion resistance, formability and welding characteristics are all at an excellent level.

Aluminum checker plate. The safety of the trailer is also very important. The trailer floor should take into account the characteristics of non-slip, reliable and durable. Using aluminum checker plate, it has a very practical feature for trailers, it can take into account durability and aesthetics at the same time.

In addition, using aluminum checker plate for trailer floor has other benefits: for example, aluminum alloy itself is corrosion-resistant, so it can be weatherproof; aluminum diamond plate is non-slip, easy to clean, easy to install and maintain; beautiful appearance can be increased Fashion sense; it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors; from decoration to function, various applications.